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Boo! where is everybody? I mean come on, we have an IC story to go and the such.

Also, a few questions, what is up with the Cycon HongHu, care to update us?

As for the turn, it went well. I didn't really follow the preturn, I made a new one and I will post it soon.

I dunno, I am thinking of trying to pop vev and micha, so I've started a childrens creche in Micha and will do the same in vev next turn.

Also, ideas on what we want to get from PEACE when our skim-milk probe gets there? Also... how is that going to affect our relations with them?


I have to agree with Buster, we will wait 19ish turns.

Um, moving HQ to voltariograd, the Hive should be rebuilt shortly, along with Jamskiville.

A new colony pod is on it's way to a base site, what should we name it?

But yea, SOMEONE POST! IT'S LIKE A FRICKING GRAVE YARD HERE! IC story, SOMEONE (Voltaire, Vev, Jamski, HongHu, I'm looking at you!)

Oh and PRAVDA, we NEED PRAVDA!!!!!

- Rokossovky

(post any thoughts, ideas, witty comments, etc. in this thread)
- Comrade Marshal Rokossovky
Marshal of the Revolutionary Army of the Socialist People of the Human Hive
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Umm... I think we want to get infilteration first, so when we break the pact, we still have full info. Then we should just tech steal / map steal, to sell to the CyCon

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Nothing's happening with CyCons AFAIK, Marshal.
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