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Help with smash bro melee.
Its a bit of a late start but I've decided to take up on Smash Bro. I always enjoyed the game at a casual play level, but was discouraged to play competitively until now.

So I'm learning what I can from friends that "claim" are really good at this game, but I want to eventually take this game to a level of how I play Soul Calibur 2, Marvel VS Capcom level. The problem I see with SSB though, is that its so different from your typical arcade fighting games because:

- You can't play Smash at an arcade. (Most ppl who claim to be good play within their own small group/community)
- I cant seem to find any good smash bro Site/Forum.
- Smash Bro isnt playable online.
- which leads to... I cant find much good info on advanced strategies and knowledge for this game.

I know Im thinking ahead because I cant even play a basic newb level of Smash right as of now, but eventually when I catch up with my local community, then what? I would hate to waste all my time learning how to play the game only to play at a decent level.

Any of you know a good online SSB community/forum? Or if any of you are really good at SSB, then discuss some strategies and etc here!
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