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Laboratory experiments (RP thread)
Professor Adam T. Gieseler, Chair of the College of Pure Sciences, paced through the laboratory. Something was not right. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something was not right at all.

The research subject behind the glass barrier began to whimper. His train of thought diverted, Gieseler glared at the annoyance, and swiftly cut off the sound transmission from the enclosed room.

It was vital that the University test its cures for diseases. Useless drones like this one benefited the whole society in the only way they could -- by volunteering as research subjects. Industrial Automation, forcing these drones out of their cozy menial labor niches, had certainly been a boon to his department, he reflected. The list of volunteers had tripled, and continued to grow explosively as automation techniques were expanded and refined.

Every time the Professor doubted, he reminded himself of the social models. A Free Market economy produced the fastest expansion of knowledge. And knowledge trumped all other concerns, because it was ignorance that was the cause of harm. When the University finally understood everything, then they would thank the researchers and volunteers of the past for their selfless sacrifices.

Behind the soundproof glass, his pain one more piece of data to be studied, the research subject continued to wail.
Adam T. Gieseler
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Dr. Mukashi Archaic, Chair of the College of Social Sciences and Dean of the Planet University of Technology, sat lazing in his office, reading through the day's status reports, almost at the point of falling asleep.

If there was a deity, such as this "GooglieGod" worshiped by several cults around the world, then he was not especially kind to the peaceful researchers of the PUT. Stuck on a small island, cut off from most of the other factions, and forced to watch in disgust as the news came in about one achievement after another being completed by the intellectually deprived Hive, the researchers have felt a sense of humiliation that does not seem likely to go away any time soon. If it were not for their latest achievement, morale would be at an all time low. However, thanks to this, most of the researchers have seemed to forget their troubles, if not redoubling their research.


With a soft smile, Archaic reaches down and strokes the hair of his catlike secretary, between the perfectly formed cat ears on top of her head. While it was still impossible to create an easy method to change regular humans into catpeople, or to allow the changes to breed true, with the advances in Gene Splicing, it was now possible to effect these changes on a fully grown person. But what might appear to the outside world as a useless project was in fact one of the most important projects to the advancement of the human race on this new world. The cosmetic changes, and changes in personality, were simply that. Cosmetic. And quite unnecessary. But they hid the true intent of the project. To create a human/mind worm hybrid, fully capable of surviving in the noxious atmosphere of Planet, and with fully developed psychic potential. Already, experiments were underway with Telepathy, and hopefully, once the experiments progressed, more abilities might be discovered. It might be true that they had little understanding how these abilities actually worked, but just having them was more than satisfying enough.

"Purrrrrr." His assistant gently nuzzled his leg with her cheek, looking up at him expectantly.

Yes. More than satisfying enough.
Veni Vidi Castravi Illegitimos
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