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you wouldn't pick up 50 pence? or 20 pence?
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Some time ago in Omonoia I saw a 100 drachma coin on the pavement. I dont know why but I pushed it with my foot instead of just picking it up. And... it was glued to the pavement (nice trick little suckers). I think this is called the 6th sense.
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my brother pickd up a 1 million dollar bill yesterday. He saw the zeros (it was folded) and thought it might be a 1000 bill. I have never seen an actual 1000 bill. I think only banks use them. It was a joke counterfeit of course.
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Originally posted by Azazel
you wouldn't pick up 50 pence? or 20 pence?
Depends, probably not. Someone else will pick it up if I don't, and I don't like having heavy change in my pockets, I always lose it. It's like why I don't ask for change usually when paying for things (unless its any decent amount though). I dunno. Depends how I'm feeling.
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If I dropped exact change at the drive thru I'd pick it all up, if I dropped my change just at a random spot I'd pick up quarters and nickles but not dimes or pennies
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If I drop $ in the house, I ignore it. I will pick up any loose changes I drop out on the street.
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Originally posted by Sikander
even Canadian pennies
Would they only give you 0.7 jujubes when you brought one into the store?
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