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antiprobe interlock (or whatever it is called)
When I do probing sometimes it tells me that they have the interlock on so probing becomes harder. My question is when will this happen? I had thought that it will happen the second or third times you probe the same base so I tried to send a bunch probe teams in one turn but it tells me in the same turn that they have put in a interlock. I know that if you switch to another base then you'd be ok. Also if you wait for sometime before you probe the same base sometimes the interlock will not be there any more. Is this right?
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I think that as soon as you successfully steal a tech from a base, it gets an interlock, making further tech stealing much more difficult. I don't know if it times out eventually, but it's probably reset if the base changes possession.
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The security interlock is a mechanism to keep you from stealing infinite techs from a single enemy base, or at least one that makes it trickier. I typically always accept any offers for maps of enemy territory for this reason, it makes finding new bases to probe much easier. Well worth a paltry 50 ECs, especially when I get a happier treaty- or pact-mate to boot.
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The security interlock will be installed when someone steals a technology. This happens also if some AI player probes. The effect times out after some time - maybe after 50 turns (never really checked out).
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