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MSN with vev and Marshal
I will write a summary later when I get clearer on what we have talked about. But meanwhile if somebody is interested please read ahead.

HongHu: vev
Vev: yes?
HongHu: how are you?
Vev: drifting
HongHu: lol
HongHu: what do you mean/
HongHu: you are drifting away from us?
HongHu: : (
Vev: actually more like devouring a forum
Vev: a new one
HongHu: hmmm
Vev: then that should kill the 'must have urge'
Vev: or at least drop to 'check now and then'
HongHu: lol nooo
HongHu: you know that the situation at Hive gets much more interested
HongHu: CC wants to attack PEACE
Vev: yay!
HongHu: we really need some people talk about it
Vev: war!!!!!
HongHu: lol
Vev: well
HongHu: vev you are still a cmc member
Vev: my opinions are not well founded
HongHu: and none of our cmc member is doing anything in this crucial time
HongHu: what a shame : nono:
Vev: My real position is tactical advisor
HongHu: yea give us some tactical advise then
Vev: I've created 2 programs for battle simulation
HongHu: yea!
Vev: but they need tweaking
Vev: the SMAC programmers had something something strange
HongHu: that's alright we can use anything
HongHu: anything is better than nothing
HongHu: yes?
Vev: yay
Vev: 2 version
HongHu: I don't even know what you are talking about now
Vev: 1 gives probability based on formula
HongHu: ahh
Vev: 2nd actually simulates a battle which I repeat 100+ times
Vev: but still need the real deal - raw data
HongHu: ok?
HongHu: where do you get real data
HongHu: I've got a 20m data file you want it? ;0
Vev: actually playing the game under a fixed scenario and recording data
HongHu: wow that's a lot of work
Vev: and boring too : D
HongHu: lol
HongHu: anyway look at the CC thread and give me some advice please
HongHu: I might sell us down the river if nobody else talk
HongHu: I got to go get marshal too
HongHu: I am very disappointed at him
Vev: you know I haven't looked at a turn for a very very long time
HongHu: the military head that does nothing
HongHu: you don't need to look at a turn
HongHu: I have all the info posted in the forum
HongHu: I think
HongHu: I have the covert report
HongHu: the dip threads
HongHu: what else do you need
Vev: okay is there is: what we have (rovers & foils?) and how to get there
HongHu: we just need to decide for example if cc declare war on peace
Vev: what they have, and how are we going to hold the bases
HongHu: and if uni declares war on it
HongHu: should we side with CC or keep silent
Vev: ah
HongHu: we don't have much military force I believe
Vev: so how we are going to respond or how we are going to influence the CC to respond?
HongHu: thanks for the nonworking CMC
HongHu: right
HongHu: well I need to go check drones embassy
HongHu: forgot when is buster plannoing to attack uni
HongHu: I thought we wanted a share of that
HongHu: but oh well cmc is not working
HongHu: sigh
Vev: problem is yeah, what could we do?
HongHu: I'm even afraid to talk to marshal now
HongHu: for I have attempted to engage him in multi people chats and he left everytime
HongHu: : (
HongHu: don't know
HongHu: if we don't plan
HongHu: we'll never be able to do anything
HongHu: when has Hive changed to like this
HongHu: oh well
Vev: well what weapons/armour do we have?
HongHu: drones are giving us +3 armor
HongHu: they are 3 turns away from SFF or someting like that
HongHu: I think that's 6+ attack?
Vev: SFF?
HongHu: or am I wrong
HongHu: hold let me check
Vev: 5 if gatling laser
Vev: 6 for fusion thing
Vev: 8 for chaos thing
Vev: wait...
Vev: 6 for missiles
Vev: arrrrgh
Vev: fusion thing is 10 I thihnk
HongHu: yes SFF
HongHu: so is that attack
HongHu: ?
HongHu: Syn Fossil Fuel
HongHu: we could get the tech 2151 I think
HongHu: if we want
Vev: do we have impact?
HongHu: if we want unit then it may take longer for they have to build it first
HongHu: I don't think so
HongHu: hold
HongHu: what tech is impact?
HongHu: something methematics ?
HongHu: NM
Vev: non0linear
HongHu: afaIk nobody's got it
HongHu: don't know what cc's researching though
HongHu: maybe I should ask for their best attack unit
HongHu: on a cruiser
Vev: well until SFF, our army is hopless
HongHu: but they are planing war in 2150
Vev: except for defending
HongHu: so they can't really build anything for us in the short run I think
Vev: but the Uni invasion ...
HongHu: does it serve any purpose if we declare war on univ without actually attack it?
Vev: two prong attack???
HongHu: other than getting them hate us more?
HongHu: what is two prong attack
Vev: Drone vs Uni
Vev: Hive vs Uni or CC
Vev: oops
HongHu: hold I'm checking the drone's plan now
Vev: Hive vs Uni or PEACE
Vev: CC vs PEACE?
HongHu: oh they want to wait until chop and drop
HongHu: well cc's plan is 2150 peace
HongHu: afaik
HongHu: should I get marshal here?
Vev: oh wants to wait?
HongHu: will it serve any purpose?
Vev: oh = who?
HongHu: lol
HongHu: oh = oh
HongHu: they = drones
: Couch Commander has been added to the conversation.
HongHu: marshal do you have a minute?
Couch Commander: um
Couch Commander: yea
Couch Commander: shoot
HongHu: I was trying to inform the cmc the current situation
HongHu: since it is getting interesting
HongHu: cc is planning to attack peace
HongHu: in 2150 afaik
HongHu: they are trying to involve us in trade
HongHu: of military infiltration data on peace
HongHu: I want to know what our stance should be
HongHu: also they want to know if uni declare war on them because of the peace war
HongHu: do we want to declare war on uni
HongHu: drone's plan is farther away
HongHu: they'll attack uni after chop and drop
Couch Commander: I think we should co-operate with cyborgs in attacking uni
Vev: yay
HongHu: but do we have the ability?
Couch Commander: we really don't need to
HongHu: or should we just suply them with info
Couch Commander: send a peace meal effort
Couch Commander: a few units
HongHu: what do you mean?
Couch Commander: symbolic mainly
Couch Commander: to show our support
HongHu: peace meal effort?
HongHu: what's that?
Couch Commander: but not enough to endanger ourselves
HongHu: ahh
HongHu: to attack peace?
Couch Commander: yes
HongHu: I don't think we should attack peace since we are still pacted
Couch Commander: does the pact have any document basis?
Couch Commander: have we agreed to any length
Couch Commander: ?
HongHu: not really I believe
Couch Commander: or termS?
HongHu: 35 years
HongHu: I was opposed to it
Couch Commander: oh we have agreed to 35 years???
Couch Commander: that's a long time
Couch Commander: and rather stupid
HongHu: but all of you guys don't listen to me
Couch Commander: I didn't say 35 years
HongHu: don't know what you were thinking about
Couch Commander: I wanted a temp pact, cause I was trying to temp kody into attacking peace first
Couch Commander: hrm
HongHu: sigh
HongHu: well that's what we signed into
Couch Commander: i would break the treaty with peace and attack them sending a small force, that way the uni would be less inclined to attack given two against 1
HongHu: hmmm
Couch Commander: if you could get the drones to declare war but just not attack that would be best
Couch Commander: let the cycon do most of the work
HongHu: CC doesn't really expect us to go this much for them
Couch Commander: what do they want?
HongHu: what good this will for us?
HongHu: they want infiltration data
Couch Commander: that's it?
Couch Commander: then give them that
Couch Commander: if they can take them out, let them
HongHu: and also if univ declare war on them then we declare war on uni
Couch Commander: that's a sticky point
HongHu: yes I agree
Couch Commander: cause if it's just cycon attacking pirates
HongHu: I don't see why giving them the peace info will be bad for us
Couch Commander: then the uni will most likely declare war on them
HongHu: except if peace know then this will break the treaty
Couch Commander: if they are faced with 2 people declaring war against PEACE
Couch Commander: then they would have to think about it
Couch Commander: if you managed to get the drones to declare war as well, that would be best
Couch Commander: and send a message to the uni advising them not to get involved
HongHu: I don't think that's buster's plan
Couch Commander: no, he wouldn't have to do anything
Couch Commander: just declare war
HongHu: you think uni would listen to us? lol
Couch Commander: to give the uni the impression of the 3 vs 1
Couch Commander: if it was 3 factions vs them
Couch Commander: yea
HongHu: ahh I see what you mean
HongHu: doesn't sound like a plan that will fly to me though
HongHu: but I'll try that with buster
Couch Commander: I need to go, I can talk in a few hours
HongHu: see what he thinks
HongHu: ok ttyl
Couch Commander: I will log onto the forums and see what is up
: Couch Commander has left the conversation.
HongHu: that's great
HongHu: well look like you have drifted away again vev
HongHu: have fun drifting
HongHu: ttyl
Vev: hi
HongHu: lol
Vev: yea I was reading other stuff
HongHu: I wish that you were reading hive stuff : (
Vev: What would be the consequence of attacking Uni?
HongHu: lklol
HongHu: us attacking them?
Vev: Hive and Drone have absolutely no problem with that
HongHu: both of us do not have good military
Vev: CC are in favour?
HongHu: so that would be like children play I suppose
Vev: if so that leaves PEACE
HongHu: of course CC in favor of us attacking uni
Vev: what would they do?
HongHu: they are afraid that we'll let uni attack them
HongHu: I need to think about this more clearly
HongHu: how I wish somebody else is thinking for me : )
HongHu: I've been enjoying being taken care of
HongHu: it is so hard to have to take care of things myself
HongHu: ok I'll have to go and do some more reading of the hive stuff
Vev: wonders if PEACE would support or abstain...'
HongHu: support what?
Vev: against/for war against Uni/Us
HongHu: peace is pacted with uni
HongHu: don't know how deep the pact is though
HongHu: I don't think it is a joint vict pact but I could be wrong
Vev: pah, they probably don't ever have good bartenders
HongHu: lol
HongHu: ok I gtg
HongHu: ttyl
Vev: bye
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