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"The List": general info
I propose that someone (Asmodean?) make a thread that's sticky and would put all the general information about the List. What it is (for newcomers), how it works, and so on.

Also, I'd like to know if everything that was put in the now dead thread "The List", which was general instead of by subject, is already considered or what. Thanks,

Edit: This remembers me my first visit to Apolyton. I had no idea what was the list and I searched quite a while to know what it was and then to know how it was working, and finally to see how I could participate. Finally, I lurned that it was closed
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Trifna: I fully intend to do just that, but this week my time is rather limited. I have a lot of stuff written down, and in this coming weekend, I'll post it all

Edit: Obviously, I can't make it sticky, but I trust a mod will assist with that

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We also need {-The list-} diplomacy
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And obviously links from the stick thread to the individual {list } subjects.
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yes good idea .. will make it easier to find each one.. PM a mod and ask for the list to be made sticky
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