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Re: Are You a Liberal? True/False
* 1. Bush was selected, not Hitler!

* 2. Criminals are victims too...well unless, they steal my old Joan Baez tracks. Do you know how hard it was to get those? I'd like to kill that guy!

* 3. Loving America means talking about what's wrong with it incessantly and downplaying all the good things it does.
That's part of it. True.

* 4. Howard Dean would be another great Jimmy Carter!

* 5. Jesse Jackson is the greatest living African-American other than the first black President, Bill Clinton.

* 6. The French are our real allies because they love us enough to undercut our policies at every turn so we won't make any mistakes.

* 7. Mumia Abu-Jamal is innocent, George W. Bush is guilty!
Dunno about the first guy, but the latter guy is always guilty.

* 8. I support immigration laws as long as they're not enforced!
Huh? False.

* 9. Discrimination against minorities is no longer acceptable in America...unless they happen to be conservative judges waiting for confirmation from the Senate.
DAMN False. If you discrimitate against discriminators what happens when they become the minority?

* 10. Using military force to liberate Iraq & set up a Democracy in Iraq is not justifiable on humanitarian grounds because the UN didn't approve. On the other hand, using military force to liberate Kosovo was justifiable on humanitarian grounds even though the UN didn't approve.
Same conclusions different reasons. False.

* 11. Conservatives want to pollute the environment because they love drinking dirty water and breathing filthy air.

* 12. Bush knew about 9/11 before it happened....yes, I'm serious! It's true, it really is...I saw it on an internet site right beside of a story about lizard people who rule the earth.
-Ignoring the last part about the lizards-
True. The bastard planned it, too.

* 13. We should give the UN Security Council a veto over whether we use our military or not because China, France, & Russia are looking out for our best interests!

* 14. Jim Crow laws were a bad thing because they discriminated against people based on race and Affirmative Action is a good thing because it discriminates against people based on race.
Huh? False.
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Originally posted by Tripledoc

I see that now you refer to people in the second person, so you have already overstepped your self imposed rule of observing a stance of impoliteness. So there are actually two inconsistencies to your post.
Wow, you really mind****ed sikander with that one.

You say "name one good thing [the US has done]" and then you expect people to take you seriously? I can name 100 good things to come out anarchy enveloped Somalia and you can't name one from the US? Something I guess your xenophobic myopia prevents you from reasoning...
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This being of course a big joke, most of them I would agree with if they didn't include the qualifier, although a few were actually "funny". (For example, the one about Jesse Jackson.) However, I'm disturbed as should everyone, not just liberals, be when they see this:

3. Loving America means talking about what's wrong with it incessantly and downplaying all the good things it does.
The entire reason, ladies and gents, for a free democracy is that the public finds bad things about the government and critiques it, pushing on it until it is fixed.

Secondly, yes, I love America. I'll bet Tassadar does too even though he wants it to become Communist. Hell, even che probably does. When reasoned, intelligent people say they "love America", they mean that they love this land and will fight to protect it and preserve it, against external and internal enemies. Even if they hate the actual government. The people who get out and say "they love America" because they like the government, now THOSE you should watch out for, because they're the ones that don't love America. They only like it when they (or those who agree with them) are in power, and they are a far bigger threat to this nation than all the terrorists in the world put together.

In summary? "Loving America" means *****ing about the government until it gets fixed and does the best thing for America. You can't love America in any better way than that.
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Originally posted by mrmitchell
In summary? "Loving America" means *****ing about the government until it gets fixed and does the best thing for America. You can't love America in any better way than that.

I'm consitently stupid- Japher
I think that opinion in the United States is decidedly different from the rest of the world because we have a free press -- by free, I mean a virgorously presented right wing point of view on the air and available to all.- Ned
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