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For new members. The Alpha Centauri Democracy Game, an introduction

. . . .The computer game Alpha Centauri
. . . .Roleplaying
. . . .Government & Diplomacy
* Teams
. . . .The Hive Team
. . . .The Cycon Team
. . . .The Peace Team
. . . .The University Team
. . . .The Drones Team
* Being Involved In The ACDG
* Joining In
* Extract from Hive IC Story - part II

The Alpha Centauri Democracy Game is based upon the computer game Alpha Centauri. It is often referred to by the abbreviation ACDG. There are 5 teams of humans that are playing in this game. In addition to the playing of the actual computer game, the teams are roleplaying, running their own internal governments that decides on and executes decisions and most importantly having fun interacting with each other.

Our time is mainly spent on roleplaying, playing the game and running the government & diplomacy. A new member can contribute to any of these aspects of our game, and does not have to become involved in an aspect they are not interested in. These three aspects of our game will be discussed briefly.

The computer game Alpha Centauri
Alpha Centauri is a turn based strategy game that has a loyal following of gamers due to it's complexity. Unfortunately the same complexity prevented it from being accepted as a mainstream game. However, most of the people here are unfazed by that.

The game Alpha Centauri is set in a futuristic world where earth is dying. In a last ditch effort to save the human race the space ship Unity was built and sent to the nearby star Alpha Centauri. A couple of decades later, the colonists arrived and began their approach to a planet they named Chiron. However, things did not go to plan as space debris hit the ship forcing the colonists to crash land. This combined with an assassination of the captain, broke the chain of command and caused the survivors to break up into 7 separate factions with different ideologies.

The game begins as you crash land on the world. You need to built up your cities, and rediscover much of the technology that was lost in the crash. You also have to contend with the other 6 factions that are somewhere else on the planet. However, that's not all, as this brave new world is also an alien world. As you progress through the game you have to learn about and understand the planet you have landed on.

Usually one or two people from each faction are nominated to play the game turns. These people usually take the advice and directions of their team mates, then make the moves in the game before pass it on to the next team. Currently, the game is progressing at 1 turn every 5 days. At this rate it is expected the game will finish in a year to a year and a half.

Roleplaying is about imagining yourself in a interesting situation or having a different persona. It's about acting out a character.

In this case you're pretending to be someone in the futuristic world of Alpha Centauri. The type of roleplaying depends on the faction you decide to join. The different teams have come up with varying ideas on how to roleplay in their faction. So you should probably have a look at the individual descriptions of each faction.

There are many ways to roleplay in the ACDG. It is doubtful anyone will try and restrict you, but it's easier if you're with people that like to roleplay in the same ways. So far it appears the favourite ways of roleplaying are in writing stories, writing newspaper articles, roleplaying your position in the government, writing diplomatic messages, and making jokes while acting out your character.

Government & Diplomacy
The majority of factions are running a democracy for their government system. This means that many decisions are voted upon. Decisions have to be debated with arguments and reasoning before approval can be made for all major decisions. Inside each faction there is a government hierarchy, and work is distributed among the members according to their government position.

Diplomacy occurs within a team in convincing other team members of ideas and running for elections. External to the team there is inter-factional diplomacy. This involves mainly alliances and trading in the early stages of the game. When the first global council is called it is expected that issues of global important will also be decided.

The differences in the team aren't only in their roleplaying descriptions. They're also different in the way they are run, what they spend their time doing, and how they roleplay.

The teams have different governing systems and command structures. This is highlighted in the descriptions each team has provided. The priorities of each team also vary, with some giving high priority to the technical aspects of the game and others to roleplaying.

This can be divided even further. Certain teams will likely stress aggressive game play or prefer to build up their forces for the long run. In roleplay, certain factions may place high emphasis on roleplaying while making decisions. Other factions may prefer to use story writing or newspapers as the main outlet of their roleplay.

Which faction you choose should depend on what you are interested in. Once you have committed to a team you cannot change teams. This is to prevent secret information from being leaked into other factions. If you have joined a team and find you don't like it, your only opinions are to attempt and change way the team is being run or quit. Enforcing your will on all your team mates is going to be difficult so you should try and choose the team you want to join carefully.

The Hive Team
The Cycon Team
The Peace Team
The University Team
The Drones Team

Being Involved In The ACDG
People are involved in this game because it allows them to interact with other people. Some of the participants are here to learn the game from the experts that are playing. Others like to write articles or stories and show them to others in their team. Roleplaying with your team members can be something fun to do every now and again. Most often people come to this place just for an excuse to talk and share jokes.

Having others to play with is a major part of the ACDG and interacting with the others is what makes it fun. This is why we are always interested in new members.

It's not necessary to devote large amounts of time to the ACDG. Some members spent less than 1 hour a week making a few comments. If you are interested in more commitments then there are always jobs available. How much you want to get involved depends on what you decide.

Joining In
If you are interested in joining, you should first be fairly sure which team you will fit into best. One mistake people make is joining a team based on which faction they have enjoyed playing in the past. The differences between the teams are more than just what their faction can do.

You can only join one faction, and once you join that faction you will be unable to change to a different faction. This is because many of the game secrets are shared among team members, and allowing someone to change between factions may result in one team’s secrets being told to another team.

It is suggested you read each faction's description before making your decision.

Once you have chosen the faction of your choice you should look at the links at the top of the page. The links highlighted in the below picture allow you to join a faction, leave a faction and after you have joined the private forum link will appear there. These links will only be visible when you are in the ACDG forums.

To join, you click on the join link associated with your chosen faction then send a private message to the leader of the faction. Do not attempt to join multiple teams at the same time, as you will get rejected by all of them. This is so that game secrets won't get leaked out by someone that has access to multiple teams.

The factions and team leaders to private message are listed below.

Join the: Hive
Team Leader: Voltaire
Description: The Hive Description
Join the: Cycon
Team Leader: Drogue
Description: Cycon Description
Join the: Peace
Team Leader: Hercules
Description: Peace Description
Join the: University
Team Leader: Archaic
Description: University Description
Join the: Drones
Team Leader: Buster
Description: Drones Description
Computer Players:
Data Angels

Extract from Hive IC Story - part II
The world revolves. It turns, changes, and yet remains the same for some. Water flows, currents drift, and wind carves the landscapes beauty. Even the most resolute stone cannot help but be altered by the forces of time. What abnormality caused Rokossovky to remain stagnant through all of this? How did the world revolve past him, around him, but leave him standing, a dam in the river? This was the question he pondered.

“How did you manage to get a bigger office than me?”

HongHu laughed lightly at the question as she stood from her desk. “Well my dear Marshal if you hadn’t ran off for all that time I’d probably still have the smaller one.”

“Can I help if it matters more important than politics call me away for a time?”

“Marshal, even YOU should have noticed that in the Hive politics IS the most important. Mind worms go away; the party is a little more concrete. You should learn to dangle the carrot for it more often.”

“Ah, the party. I must say that I find this most amusing coming for you, the one who has slapped the carrot in the face of the party, the people, and the chairman.”

“Nonsense, I told them all that my term as Deputy Chairman would be finite. I did my duty.”

“Why do you not continue to serve?”

“A desire for peace, I suppose. A longing for a simpler existence.” This note hit a cord with the Marshal. Peace was a word which appeared very often in his dreams, but so little in his life. …the sky… he would think, alone in his restful fiction …the night sky, the pure expression of peace. So alive, yet so still and calm. There are not clashes, no politics, only existence. Black and white, light and dark. Twinkling in our view, far away; and even farther beyond our reach…

“I can understand that.” Rokossovky’s mood was sombre now, as he was forced to consider real life and his absence of peace. He was unsure, as always, as to what would indeed bring it to him. He did know that peace did not involve declining opportunities to advance; but he knew HongHu was a different person with a different view on life. That he truly could comprehend. “Well anyway, now that you’ve found YOUR peace, where shall we go for supper? I suspect you are rather hungry after a full day packing.”

“Somewhere quiet. I’d like to start my new life quietly.”

Rokossovky looked at his watch. …01:30…the maintenance crew should be done by now… “Are you up for a bit of adventure? A quiet one though, I promise”

“It depends on what you mean?”

“My cooking.”

HongHu let out another small laugh. “I’m sure it is far from an adventure.”

The Alpha Centauri Democracy Game, an introduction - by Kody

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Introduction to the Hive
* How the Hive Game is Run
. . . .Roleplay
. . . .Government
. . . .Strategy

Introduction to the Hive
"You have potential, which is why we're making this offer", Kody says.

You stare through the grimy plexiglass of the lift as it descends. Thinking about the past and what the future might hold for you. The concrete of the shaft streaks by and as the lift descends the shaft lights blinks through the scratched windows. In the air is the smell of industrial chemicals, and grease. It seems that the interior of the lift hasn't been washed anytime recently and the technology used is last generation.

"This place isn’t much to look at", you think out loud.

"It never was much more than a hole in the ground", Kody agrees. "It was always our people that made the difference. It would be a mistake to ever forget that."

There was an awkward silence filled with only the mechanical sounds of the lift and nearby machinery.

"We cannot force you to join the Hive", Kody finally says. ''That is your decision."

You keep your silence as you are still not yet certain of what you really want. Here, deep in the heart of the Hive you are going to meet the powerful chairman Voltaire, a man rarely seen outside the underground fortresses of his faction. Your decision could decide your destiny.

The lift shudders to a stop and the door opens to a pristine white hallway that is in stark contrast to the grimy neglected feel of the rest of the Hive. This hall is lined with red cloaked crimson guards and at the far end of the hall is a wooden door. Steeling yourself you step forward.

”Wait”, Kody says, stopping you from going further. He pauses as he tries to gather together the right words. "The chairman will offer you power, and political influence. If you really want to be caught up in the political struggles within the Party I won’t stop you, but there is more than just the Party."

“I don’t understand”, you reply. You have heard very little of the internal politics of the Hive.

“Their gaze does not extend past the edge of their privileged world", Kody says staring at you intently. "Don't make the same mistake.”

Kody steps back into the lift and the door closes behind him. Shaking away uncertainty, you turn and begin walking towards the wooden door.

How the Hive Game is Run
The Hive is a very active faction, both in strategy and in roleplay. In a roleplay sense we have a very structured government. However, this does not translate to how the faction is actually run and our greatest weakness is in coordination.

The majority of the hive's members spend most of their time engaged in roleplay. The main projects underway are the roleplay story, one sentence story and the newspaper Pravda. The emphasis for both of these is to have fun rather than producing high quality writing. We believe that setting harsh criteria for submitted writing would be detrimental to number of people able to participate.

The one sentence story and Pravda are mainly places to exercise a sense of humour, although several serious articles have been submitted to Pravda. For a new member that wishes to not get deeply involved, the one sentence story is an ideal place to post every now and again. At present there is no official Pravda editor, which has lead to recent declines in the release rate of new Pravda editions. So if a new member enjoys writing and compiling newspapers the position is currently open.

The roleplaying stories are generally serious in nature and there is an unspoken understanding we won't insert silly jokes. Each person is allowed to create as many of his or her own characters as required and can add in their own thread to the story as long as it does not purposefully contradict what has already happened. Plot twists and future plot plans are usually discussed in the story discussion thread. There is no one person organising the direction the story is taking rather it's a group effort. Characters phase in and out of the story depending on whether their writers are busy or not. This allows for high flexibility in participation.

A new project was suggested that involved an interfaction roleplaying story. The idea was to spread some of our roleplaying to other factions and allow them to participate via private messages. The idea was the plot line would be interesting to other factions as factions would only be given some of the details and they would have to interact and make decisions to find out what is going on. However, someone with some free time is needed to organise this project and provide some of the writing.

While our decision making process isn't highly structured we are satisfied with the results. The focus is mainly on decisions made early or fast. Decisions of minor importance are generally made among whoever is available. Generally this is vote among 2-4 people.

More important decisions have information threads posted and members are requested to give their opinions. If there appears to be some disagreement with the chosen course of action, members that haven't responded are contacted for their opinion too. A poll is then made together with an information post that states all the ideas and opinions that have been gathered from the forum and from MSN conversations between the members. When there is a deadlock between opinions and it becomes clear that further discourse is unlikely to break the deadlock. Then the chairman is asked to make a veto decision.

Information on the precise moves is posted before the turn. Usually the precise moves are ready several days before the turn arrives. This allows for problems to be found by members, and allows further optimisations to occur. Rough moves are usually planned 5 turns into the future, and the effects are predicted 10 turns into the future.

When the move arrives the turn player plays the turn while accompanied by at least one other member on MSN. New developments are discussed and any issues caused by other factions or random events are resolved between the people present.

After the turn has been completed the turn chat, details of new developments and a screenshot of the current state of the game are posted.

The main problem with this decision making process is it allows for members to get away with not contributing to the decision making process. This results in the less than critical decisions getting little or no input, as everyone expects someone else to help make the mundane decisions.

While the hive actually lacks in experience compared to the other factions the members have made up for this deficiency in other ways. Large amounts of time are spent researching new ideas and precision in every single turn is paramount.

Consequently, a new member can contribute more as all ideas are considered important. Also a new member can learn more as when a new idea pans out it is explained in depth to the other members.

The Human Hive Introduction - by Kody

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The University has been disbanded as a team.
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The Cycon have not written a team description. There is only an informal description.
Click here to see description.
Also the Cycon have several recruitment threads, one of which is here.
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Note to other players: I decided to revamp the introductions a little removing some of the spam etc.

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