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Foriegn Faction Contacts Reporting Thread
It looks like CyCon has been successful at getting info from Kody, as well as the Drones by being deceptive.

Please report and post any foreign faction contacts (PMs, MSNs, and other communications) you have with members from other factions.

This will help us discern efforts by other factions at getting access to our information.

It will help us with damage control and help us lay a good disinformation campaign.

It is every Hiverian's duty to report the contacts no matter how embarrassing or benign they seem.

By being vigilant and reporting these contacts, we can turn our enemies efforts to get info from us into a source of information on them.



Could we Top this thread? The need for it will not go away.

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I will do, just havent got many messages of late. Everytime I send a PM to Maniac or Drogue, HongHu tells them not to listen to me

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