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Mead - we still want you to keep on doing the good job - ignore all the comments in the general forum.

The main reason for the reload is to coordinate that attack with the Drones, otherwise the CyUni would have had a turn to respond before the Drones got there too.

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Comrade Mead, thank you for the interesting debriefing. While I shall not comment on the issues and conclusions presented I do want to state that the Human Hive suffers from poor communication and an inefficient internal structure. I hope to be able to contribute to a future solution to these problems.

Comrade Rubin
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Yes I have to apologize too for the poor communication. I feel that I am at least half responsible if not more for why Mead played the way he played. I had been opposing to Mead's plan. However I have not been making it clear enough all along I think. And when I saw that Mead said that he has a penetrator at Sunshine Coast with 1 point movement left, I thought that we didn't have any way to back off (thus the "at a point of no return" and the smilie) until Arnelos suggested that it can be self destructed. I tried more later to stop Mead for his light was still shinning so I thought he still was on. I understood now however that Mead didn't see those comments before he played his turn.

My view on that night is that I and others were trying to understand the issues, while trying to persude Mead from performing his plans. And it got very confusing. We already have Rubin's order as the CMC chairman. If we had established that his order is the final say then the entire confusion would not have been necessary.

I would like to apologize to Mead and others for this. Having been a turnplayer myself I can understand how contradicting orders and opinions are a big burdon upon the turn play. And I agree with Rubin wholeheartedly that we are really in need of a simply set of rules and a basic structure.
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Interestingly, this is precisely the problem Kody brought up to me when I chatted with him about a week or so ago... it seems a common mistake that people make here that we don't quite read everything that someone posts (just skimming), miss something rather imporant, and then start operating based upon that assumption.
It's sort of like that wobbly table that you know is wobbly, but can't find the right amount of paper to stablise it.

I sort of saw the problem start a couple of days beforehand, but I was refusing to pipe up because I didn't want to get too involved. Basically I watched as you spoke up about how there wasn't any invasion plan and watched as everyone else seemed to ignore what you were saying. You talked to Buster and it seemed like both of you were missing each others points.

Sorry about not saying anything....

I kind of feel okay about posting now, because the person that was watching me isn't so involved anymore. Also it's nice to see things running alot more smoothly team wise than anything I could manage.
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