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Informal chat with Arnelos (personal friend and recent Hive recruit)
basically, Voltaire is the "Chairman", but he hasn't been around much lately and never played the turns anyhow. HongHu and Mead are the turnplayers. HongHu is basically in charge. Rubin does military stuff, with input from Jamski, I, and that other guy.

I can explain the public PEACE peace thing briefly... it was Voltaire's idea... Jamski and I were against it, still are. I think it's stupid.

if you guys want to contact my team, HongHu is the one to contact. That or OctavianX, since he seems to be the head of diplomacy (despite being only semi-active).
This is where I was chatting candidly about how we felt about the Hive (unanimity on the poll to stay friends with them, we wanted them to be our friends again etc)

So, we can see from this that the one person with much turnplaying effort is HongHu, who is either friendly or easy to convince to stay friendly. We should contact her about anything we need to discuss (eg PEACE's potential obliteration at their hands). Ignore some peoples' posts, especially Voltaire, as he is not indicative of the Hive's attitudes in any way. Arn may end up a heavily contributing member of the Hive (but maybe not for a while, he is stil one of three Consuls in charge of the Civ3 ISDG) and will be good to deal with too.

Just things to keep in mind. We aren't that poorly off with the Hive, just that their spokespeople are a little less than ideal.-->

Edit by TASS: Possible violation of the rules.....Considering the case.

Back to the ROOTS of addiction. My first missed poll!

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