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I have given up on Blizzard and
they used to be a great company. and they designed a really good game (D2). But their lack of interest in the realms is bad. the cheating (on closed battlenet) is terrible. I just wanted to play in parties- no one does that anymore. And not play with other medium level characters with super equipment that was duped or handed down. All equipment should have level requirments- what where they thinking?

I just don't understand why people can't play a game without cheating. The game is easy enough as it is- and they make it easier. Whatever happened to a challenge?

I will not spend money for that expansion.

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I gave up on the idea of buying the D2 expansion some time ago even though I was not aware that the cheating problem was as bad as you are saying. I haven't played a party game on the realm servers for quite awhile so I didn't really know that was going on.

My major complaint with D2 (aside from the fact that the realms STILL get overloaded) is the fact that they effectively removed single player by taking out the save game option. That one thing, for me ruined D2!

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