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Milop Sac Lamb
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How do you start a multiplayer game, I´d like to play but I need some information on how you play it and some people yo play against.
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How do you take part in one, or how do you organize it?
And you need some people or some information on some people?

Well, you visit, MuliPlayer Forum, you'll maybe find more calls for PBEM than here. Check also ACOL, you find a thread with the URL here.

So, you can post in a topic where someone organizes a new PBEM, or you start a new topic saying you're available.
You can start from MY2100 or with the game's accelerated start, w/out a referee, or you can nominate (hire? ) someone to prepare and moderate your game, check all the CMN related topics in Firaxis Forums.

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The other, though less reccommended, way to start a PBEM game, is to email a save game file evryone you know in a sort of chain letter apporach untill a turn comes back to you played already.

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Dammit Goob, I told ya to quit playin' evil tricks like that on people already

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