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About that tournament 'A call to arms'
Seems like they finally decided to go on with it, in Sidgames site.A Link saying Tournaments on! will receive you when you get there...

1st thing: I'm not much the rotten mouth (do you say that in English!?) kind of Forum's Poster...but i think that was too much.

Too much time to get it up, as a start.

Then..well...I imagine you don't have to have a babysitting degree to organize a tournament but, at least, put up some rules...then, perhaps, contact the players (since it didn't started as soon as they thought).

But, to put the cherry on top of the pie, the only thing they did, and this was the reason of the tournaments on! announcement, was to create a link for the winner!?!? to report....umm...what's wrong with the orthodox concept of looser's reporting?

Blessed be the day when Tfs99 mailed us and started to get something going...

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