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Help with SMAC PBEM game.
I've started my first PBEM game and run into a problem. I'm playing the Hive and when the Gaian player sends me the save game and I load it the game thinks it is still the Gaian turn. It isn't that the wrong save game was sent. When the person playing the gaians loads the save game on their machine it comes up as being the Hives turn. I'm at a loss about what is going wrong. This is the second turn of the game and the first turn proceeded normally. Has anyone else run into this kind of problem?
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The most likely source of this problem is that "save game" from the menu is being hit instead of the "turn complete" orange button beneath your commlink. Always hit turn complete, and then choose save and exit.
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I am the Gian player in the game, and unfortunatly it was not as easy to fix as that. I am glad to report that the problem is no longer with us! I had installed tha AX2 patch and it overwrote my terran.exe. While I was uninstalling and reinstlling trying to get this fixed, I somehow ended up with two AC files. One with the Gian turn, and one with the Hive turn. When I would run the game the Hive turn save would come up, but when I attached the file I was taking it from the other AC folder, and it was the wrong turn. Also found out intellipoint will crash AX, so beware and disable that thing before one of your TI games is taken out as well.
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