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The AI
Did you know that the AI never looses minerals?

It can switch productions without a reduction.

It has a 100% carryover to the next turn.

I have seen bases producing orbital improvements with 350 minerals due to the Space Elevator, accumulating 200+ minerals per turn, every turn. I have seen the F4 screen production report show AI bases with 1500/45 - that is it has 1500 minerals to produce a 45 mineral unit. The next turn, it has 1550/45 because the base was producing 95 minerals.

The above was observed on transcend. I presume this occurs on lower settings.

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Yes, the dern cheater!

I've seen it a hundred times. Find the base that's prototyping a Fusion PB and getting close to completion. Knock it around with some jets or choppers to make the AI switch to something else. It does, builds an AAA unit, then goes right back to the PB prototype with just about as many minerals as before. Or it will keep using that reserve several turns in a row for a new rec commons or several new units.

It's enough to drive you nuts.
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I think only applies to Transcend difficulty.
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Taking out an AI base's defensive units is a good way to get the AI to switch production away from something you don't want it building, but it seems to be able to keep those "red" production units for future turns anyway. It's nice to have a few probes to zap the AI base's current production to address this problem.

I wish I knew how to address the problem of inadvertently rush building too much (as in hitting an extra key and spending 230 instead of 20 or some such). Sometimes one can use the higher amount either in the current build, if it is expensive enough, or in a different build, if the retooling charge doesn't eat you alive, but mostly I end up ****ed at myself with a lot of red in the production box. I guess that's one of my handicaps to the AI.
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