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Multiplayer Help
I have a problem trying to play a multiplayer game with the TCP option. In both cases whether I am hosting or my friend is hosting, an error message comes up saying that the message was not sent. We have tried the multiplayer game setup in both SMAC and SMACx. We can both initially see each other in the multiplayer setup but after a minute or two, that is when the error message comes up. We have the latest versions of the games and are both running win98se.

Additional info:

thought it could be my router. tried without it and still no luck.
playing multiplayer with IPX works fine when he brought over his computer.
both of us have cable modem broadband connection

If more info is needed my email address is

If anyone has a solution please help us. Thank you in advance.
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Offhand, sounds like you guys are getting a bad internet connection.

Noise on the phone line can cause problems. Have your lines checked out.

Do either of you have isp connection problems?

Is your modem working fine?

Shoot, there is something else.. just can't bring it up... I've had this happen lots of time.. when you get that message, do you get "host is not responding, or player not responding" or such? If you do, set the "delay rate" (can't remember the name) to 30 seconds, that usually clears it up. If you two are using the same isp, check with them and see if they are having problems.

Alternatively, try the Multiplaying section of the boards. I'm sure there is someone more experienced there who can help.

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