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Help understanding stack movement.
Okay, my first serious game is progressing nicely. I was elected Planetary Governor (barely) around 2250. The number of units I've got on the board is getting a bit large to manage, though. The biggest concern I have is moving units as stacks.

I know about assembling and moving "groups". e.g. click on a stack.. while dragging to it's desired destination, press 'J' and the whole group makes its way there. The problem is that the faster units move away from the slower ones, which causes, for example, my skimships to leave my poor transports filled with probe teams defenseless. Is there a way to force the stack to stick together (i.e. move at the rate of the slowest unit)?

Also, is there a way to have a defensive unit automatically follow around an automated former?

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I beleive that the stack movement document in the manual was removed from the game before release because they could not get it to work right. You can still effectively get stack movement with units of identical movement capabilities by starting them in the same palce and giving them identical go to orders.
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I stopped using the stack movement routine for much the same reason. Also, overland, some units will stick in fungus and some won't. Some worms will move off fungs with 1/3 move left and some won't.

For escorts, I usually goto or click/ path the slower units (AA or transport), then manually move the fast foil/ rover escort. It also gives you more flexibility for response if you encounter an enemy or native life.
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