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"Marr in the Middle" scenerio
I've been meaning for a long long time to make my own UBC style scenerio, and have finally got around to it . The problem with most scenerio's or challenges is you are some wuss like morgan, lal or zak. But, it's really fun to play as one of the Alien factions, so to that end you are Conqurer Marr. Also the alien graphics sets are rather good, and make a nice change.

In my scenerio the evil caretakers have convinced the human factions (yang, domai, aki, roze, cha dawn) that you, marr are the bad guy, and to that end H'mniee forged a global alliance against you! (all AI's surrended to each other). The humans are NOT at permament vendetta with you, however you start with a spoiled reputation and the AI's are set to be backstabbers, this means diplomacy, while difficult is not a complete lost cause.

Large Custom map, comprised of 6 islands arranged around a central island (where you start). Each island is "unique", and most have a landmark on them (you get the crater).
Each island has a small forest, and most have a small jungle. (the AI islands have extra terraforming, ofcourse)
There is no fungus (except that caused by pops).
The map is very arid, except where the jungles are. Sea bases could be viable.

Each AI starts with 2 HQ's at oppisite ends of their islands, each HQ has a perimeter defense, rec tanks, rec commons. And a full compliment of normal starting units.

I've rearranged the starting tech a bit, several factions have doc flex, and sea power priority, so expect early naval action. You dont start with Cent Eco, nor Field modulation (the caretakers also dont get that, I find the expensive garrisons really tie up production).

Despite the fact you are Marr, I intend the map to be a "builder" map rather than a "conquer" map.

Seeing it's kinda very beta at the moment, I cant guarentee that it will be challenge - or for that matter it could be unwinnable Basically I have no idea how hard it will be, however in a quick test by 2125 the AI's had mostly fulled their islands, and a number of foils were out patrolling. While my power was about 1/3 of the AI's.

Anyway, if you want to play as Marr, but dont want to win give my scenerio a whirl.
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Hey Blake! I just grabbed your scenario.

Being waist-deep into the task of making my own SMAC Down: 2200, am I very intersted in seeing other map makers' ideas. The first thing I did was open scenario editor and scope out the map (not a good play practice, but I really needed to see what kind of layout you used).

Interesting. You used landmarks instead of overkill terraforming to create an advantage for the AI. Overall, I think your map has a more 'realistic' feel to it then my own. I've been trying to use a similiar approach on my own map, but I think you did a much better job. I'm taking notes!

Some thoughts...

There be spoilers ahead!

Shouldn't the Planet Cult get the Manifold Nexus instead of the Angels? Or was this a deliberate action on your part to limit the power of the Cult? (a faction that I personally know that you are proficient with). Without any fungus, I think the Cult could use all the help you can get. Their starting landmark is superb, however.

Some factions get better starting points than others. I noticed that the Conciousness seemed to have a weak start, whereas the Hive's was superb. Was this a calculated action?

Being a fan of 'unwinnable' scenarios myself, I will certainly play this one through. Just not right now. After SMAC Down: 2200, I'll start up a game and post reports here. Promise.


Forgot somethin'...

The intial Usurper units start the game operating under a 'go-to Destiny: Manifold" order. It's a minor bug that should be painless to fix.

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After playing a bit, I agree with Tokamok: Make the Cult more powerful...they were easily crushed.
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I dont mind if you crush the cult, I never liked them anyway

The biggest problem with my first marr scenerio is my poor old computer started ginding to a halt by 2250, my computers not that bad, but it seems the AI has a lot of units to build, and thinking to do...

So, I thought I would slap together a scenerio which is twice as mean and half the CPU load. Again on a completey new never seen before map made by me in half an hour Altough I really liked how the map turned out.

Standard world, FLAT(!), nice and wet, resource heavy. Basically one big continent with a wide chokepoint. You start at one end, and...
Chairman Yang starts at the other end. But this isn't any ordinary chairman yang, I modified his faction to have an additional +1 growth, +1 industry, free clean reactors. Suffice to say that between copious jungle and permament state of pop-boom (once he builds CC's), Yang is one MEAN customer. And did I mention Yang's dog Zak? Just to make sure that you stay firmly under Yang's heal Zak pumps him full of tech. Only 2 AI's, but yang has 3 starting HQ's.

Now, I cant bear to have Yang portrayed as a big mean alien squisher, so he isn't at permament vendetta. He can toy with you before stomping you

And stomped you will be, yess. From air, ground and sea. Yang'll tolerate you for maybe 60 years, then put on his big ol' bug squishing boots, and come stomping into your territory. Be afraid, be very afraid (especially seeing he'll be 5-10x your power )

Marr is a great builder, and works well with Free Market, Police State. The start point is ideally suited for building, and you have a fair chance to get your choice of a early SP, remember aliens get free rec tanks so PTS is a great SP, and with your starting tech the PEG is just a short hop away.

In my game I got the PTS, PEG and HGP "Great news Marr! We have completed the Human Genone poject, we now know how to kill the humans better!" (and your citizens are so happy about the new knowledge of human-killing that you get an extra talent per base )

If you can be bothered DL'ing and playing it, please comment in this thread, with as much or as little detail as you please
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I'm in my third try on your original challenge, which is tough enough. Personally, I didn't notice any problems with computer slow down. This third time I'm finally doing well, having taken over cha dawn's island and started an invasion of Aki's territory. Still, I very well might lose this also..
My only comment on your new challenge is that you've got a twisted sense of humor Yang in perma-boom!? Brutal.
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