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Originally posted by The diplomat
Maybe it was a bug in the game, but when I built the Telepathic Matrix, it did not eliminate the drones. The TP just eliminates riots from drones, but you still get the drones. So, a city can have loads of drones and have no riot. Of course the drones do not produce any ressources which is a really bad thing. Since it does not eliminate drones, I don't think it is as overpowerful as people say, especially since it does come so late in the game.
Drones will always produce resources for you, at any point in the game. It is only when they outnumber talents and riot that they (and the base in general) become unproductive.

You're correct that there are no riots. But the riots are the main downside to drones. With the TM is that you can have bases full of unhappy drones, angry as anything, and they're still giving you normal production as if they were a base ful of citizens. No riots, no loss of productivity.
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I agree with earwicker (edited, i quoted the wrong source)
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Why I think the TM isn't overpowered is because a base full of Transcends beats a base full of drones hands down. No terraforming can compete with Transcends resourcewise, that is if you have a decent raft of hydro sats to feed them. The only real use of TM is in pop-booms when you cant be bothered setting population in lesser bases to transcends. (But transcends are easy to set, being the default specialist)

For people which dont use Specialists I guess the TM would be a great SP, but as I tend to have 1/4 to 3/4 of my bases as specialists its a very "blah" SP.
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I posted my SP changes to the Creation thread along with a diff of my alphax.txt file. I used some ideas from here along with SNAX and my own changes. comments are welcomed.
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