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no rest for the wicked
I guess having a relatively peaceful "builder" type game is impossible at thinker level. *sigh*

I hate the aliens. If they're in the game I always end up having to nerve gas them and eradicate them. Its a pain in the ass and not much fun. They sprout colony pods from their beaten bases, the build bases in bad spots, you can't make peace with them....hate 'em. So I tried choosing my factions.

Nope. Can't work. Because no matter how ya slice it theres going to be an aggressive faction. Now thats part of the fun, admittedly....but not when you start off next to 'em. Several starts and in each one who am I next to? Miriam or Yang and theres not even a "truce" or short lived Treaty. Its instant "you're a blight yadda yadda". Yang was the worst. He had a ton of rovers that kept showing up and it just got tedious. Even when I started off on an island Diedre pops up with some worms (my guess is the dimensional gateway accident) and goes nuts on me. I even tried giving the aggressors whatever they demanded. (bad idea. They just come back for more.)

I suppose the only faction that can probably have some peace in the early game would be the pirates. But I like playing the UoP. Unfortunately they're pretty weak until the VW is built and other drone stopping facilities and if anyone is nearby you have to build probe teams until the HSA comes around.

oh well.............

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Even playing a builder it's impossible to have no enemies. Be secure in defenes, build up infrastructure, and attack them! Builders game is meant to have better technology and defenses later in the game, so that you can put your X Quantum Choppers vs. Silksteel Sentinels.
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You might try the setting I put forth on the AI is tough thread. Contrary to logic, you get a much stronger AI if you set the factions to "peaceful."

If you try the settings, your initial contacts with most factions will be peaceful. However, if you get into the lead on the power graph, all factions may ally against you because they are at peace with themselves.

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Re: no rest for the wicked
Originally posted by D4everman
I guess having a relatively peaceful "builder" type game is impossible at thinker level. *sigh*
Nah. Even at the trancend level the AI is too incompetant to put on a sustained offensive. A few raids here or there and the sniping of a lone former or crawler but nothing serious. With good defensive setup you can pretty much ignore the computer opponents when they declare vendetta against you. Eventually if the most obnoxious opponents *cough*miriam*cough* will tire out and offer you peace. This means you will lose out on commerce income but its not leathal. You can always resort to bribes to get a treaty. Just because the spartans can't live without battle doesnt mean you have to, too. Just shut them doen at the gates and refuse to take the fight to them and then they will be forced to play on you, the builder's, terms which they are invariably less well prepared to do. For example in a recent game as the drones on a large map i was simultaneously at war with the Caretakers, the Usurpers, Yang, Zakharov, and Roze. However in over 30 years i only lost 2 units in the fighting (a former and an interceptor) in addition to some cruiser probe teams. Most importantly though it didnt get in the way of running market/wealth and rush buying infrastucture and pulling the techs in hand over fist.
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Two more options: Play on a really huge least twice the 'Huge' Settings. It'll be awhile before the AI can do anything but call you names.

Or, you could have a friend set up a scenario for you with the settings you like, but just 'adjusted' for the kind of situation you think you want to play in. Ie, remove half the other factions, whatever.

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I would see the systemical destruction of several dozens of my formers by needlejet/Chopper operations as a quite an invasion plan. Not to mention when armadas of Conventionals and air units raid my bases, and then the AI takes them over with some units lurking nearby or with drop pods...
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