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Chances to get a given tech from an Artifact?
I am 10 hours away from my home PC, and such a test would require MANY runs to draw statistical significance.

Maybe some of you had collected some educated knowledge on the matter, or knows somewher to link to get it, that I wasn't able to find with a search.

I realize I never actually oinvestigate into the chances of getting a given tech when linking an Artifact.

I have to recollect my past experiences off the top of my head now, and I think also to recall some past discussion, maybe at owo.

There are some concepts that are worth being confirmed or denied.

1. You CAN get a tech that you do NOT have the prerequisites for.
I think it occurred once or twice to me too, but I could be wrong. Also, I would like your opinions about the chance of this even to occur. Offhand I'd say lower than 2%, if ever

2. you will never get the techs that are available but the game would withhold if you do a Shift+R.
This was just a wild idea, never paid attention to it so I have no helpful memory. But it's definitely worth investigating.

3. You have HIGHER chances to get the tech you're courrently researching
This is the most important point.
This claim was not conclusivley supported by evidence, IIRC.
But I can't be dismissed either.
I "think" that there IS some influence, but not as someone claim above 50%.
I would think that this occured to me 30-40% of the times.
With 3 possible link outcomes that would be in the range of statistical acceptable variance.
Of course with a wider range of possible outcomes this would prove that an albeit limited influence is present.
Do you have any data?

I rememeber that I had run tests in the first months of play (that is more than 2 years ago).
I had one artie to link, I saved and reloaded several times.
I remember that I obtained different links every run, but the events were not evenly spread.
Say, out of 20 runs I got 4 different techs (not all the ones available), but one 9 times, the second 7 times, the third 3 times, and one tech only once in twenty.

If anyone could share his knowledge with me before I will get to run such tests anew, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

To the forum Maintenance:
SORRY for the double topic
I did NOT hit submit twice!
I only had a timeout error from my proxy, and I simply hit refresh from that page.

I wonder what flood control is there for, if it can't filter such problems

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