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Rex Little
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Where can I get Alien Crossfire?
SMAC has finally reached bargain-bin status ($9.99 almost anywhere), so I figure Alien Crossfire should have come down similarly, and I'm ready to buy. But I can't find it anywhere--not Amazon, not Underdogs, not any of my local software outlets. Anyone know of a place (website, mail-order or local to southern California) that sells it?
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well i came here to suggest a web site i got it at, but since they dont make it anymore, they are sold out. they have SMAC but not SMAX. when i got it it was about $15 U.S. i have heard people say that you can get it at staples-business depot and maybe on Ebay but possibly only in planetary pack form.

now that you know that, good luck trying to find it because its extremely difficult
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maybe an auction site (yahoo/ebay). not the most reliable, but you'd still probably get a good price fairly quickly.
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Somebody on ebay has plenty of SMAC/X combos for sale, but the starting price is $25, not including S & H. If you don't mind that price, you shouldn't have any trouble finding it there.
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Has anyone else seen SMACX anywhere? When I first bought SMAC (in the CD-ROM Classics $15 format), I didn't really enjoy it (the only Turn-based Strategy game I had ever played was HOMM2). But after familiarizing myself with the Civ-style games, I went back to playing Alpha Centauri and realized just how awesome it is.

Now I'm ready to pick up the expansion pack, but it's apparently out of print. I saw regular SMAC in a $9.99 jewel-box-only format at Best Buy yesterday, so I figured all the new people who buy it there will be interested in getting the expansion pack as well. I don't feel like shelling out $25 for it on eBay. Anyone know where to get it at a discount price?
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