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Black Sunrise
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Could I please have a look at other players terriforming?
Was thinking about the whole "do other people terriform differently than I do" question. Any builders out there who have a distinct terriform style that could send me a map or saved game?

My latest style is my Aki-style.
City, roads going n,s,e,w from city (no other roads, so base looks very much like part of a circuit or something), totally surrounded by forest, sensors on the each of the roads one square out from base (4 sensors per base), bases clustered very close.
If my main base is on square x,y, my next four cities will be on x+2,y x-2,y x,y+2 and xy-2.
Very crowded, but very safe, especially with the sensors. Will try to post a screen shot. Looks VERY Aki-like.
Would love to see other builders terriforming, though. Lots of boreholes, energy parks, etc. Since I terriform my way, and the AI sucks, I want see if other people vary at all...
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vitamin j
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Hey Indra! I'm no master of terraforming, but you can have a look at my last two games. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated as well! I'm gonna mail 'em now.
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