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Hailing Factions
Is there a way to force faction leaders to receive/answer my hailings. The AIs can force me. Why can't I force them?
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I don't know. Very annoying though. Also very annoying is that the A.I never seems to agree to pursue vendetta against my enemy, even when pacted. They either refuse outright or demand a huge sum of energy, often beyond my reach!
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AIs can't force you either. They can demand something and get through, but they won't get an answer back by default. To a certain extent you can do this too, by right clicking (or on a mac, ctrl clicking) on a faction name under the comlink menu and selecting "Demand Withdrawl".

Although, they can declare vendettas and you can't, and many times alliances don't exactly seem to show on the board when it comes to wartime.
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