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Funniest AI Diplomacy
What are the funniest (or weirdest) things you've ever heard the AI say during diplomacy?
What got me thinking was a game where I was playing on a map bascially oriented towards Momentum style play, as Santiago. I pacted with Deirdre (and she was the one who asked for it), but I wanted to attack Morgan.
I had my Impact rover prototype ready, but I wanted another attacker, so I tried to upgrade my Scout Rover. I was five ECs short, so I called up Deirdre and asked for money (offering my 'goodwill' in return), and she replied,

Very well, here are 0 energy credits . Spend them wisely and do not come back asking for more.
When I looked at my own energy budget, what I had had jumped up to 273 ECs, and the Gaians now had none!!
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Never Ending Stories
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Once something...err, rude popped up in a diplomacy screen in SP, while signing an alliance or something to that effect. I checked it out a bit...turns out I had a friend over a while back (altered the faction.txt file a little).

Hilarious until I noticed.
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Morgan indignantly demanding I resume loan repayments (WITH INTEREST!) straight after surrendering to me and giving me all of his money.
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Seconded, Blake. That really really irritates me - I once had Morgan say 'blah blah blah loan repayments of 3 credits blah blah grown with interest and repayments to 624 credits!!!!

I cancelled the Treaty and destroyed him. I'm not standing for that.
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She was so impressed that she just surrendered
One game I was playing I ended up on a huge continent all to myself. I spread like a disease and built nearly all of the SPs. After over 100 years as my shard choppers were zooming across the sea to attack Deirdre, I noticed an orange unity foil approaching. Inside was Miriam's original scout patrol. I let it approach my continent, and she pulled up alongside one of my bases and initiated diplomacy. First she threatened, and when I refused to give her Fusion, she immediately surrendered. I had a good laugh at the likelihood of that, a voyage of over 100 years all to just surrender in the end.
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Sikander - Very funny

I have mentioned this earlier. Once I started a SMAX-game as caretakers. The usupers landed some five squares away from me. I got lucky: the usupers did not leave a single unit to defend their home base, so I conquered usupers six turns after the landing (talk about good AI ).
Nothing to do with diplomacy though... just funny.
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