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What I hate about MP
There's people at the other end.
So strategies that I would use on the AI, I can't use because I'd make people really sad.
Like making 4 secret projects, near an allies land. Once we have a LOT of minerals in each, switching them all to PB, rushing all of them, and suddenly, with no build-up, in 1 turn, you have 4 PB's and your "ally" has no empire the year after.
Or ruthless machiavellian manipulation (like forging messages from players, or "manufacturing" incidents).

Ruthless double-crossing just loses it's availability when you're playing with friends.
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Or ruthless machiavellian manipulation (like forging messages from players, or "manufacturing" incidents).
That's the spice of LAN games, methinks! Once in a game I was in a very tight position as the two ones with largest empires, a Yang and a Zak, were fighting over me (or, I was trying to kiss up another, so to speak).
So, Yang asked me to probe Zak. I probed Zak, but then told him that the probe was all about showing off to Yang to make friends of him, so that I could then backstab him and help Zak.
Well, that helped for somewhile... Then, _Deirdre_ complains that I had done something I never had, told by someone, I still don't know who, and suddenly declares war! And in ten turns, I have been crushed, making all previous attempts of securing my position utterly futile.
In a nutshell, the game was
Cake and grief counseling will be available at the conclusion of the test. Thank you for helping us help you help us all!
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