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Council proposals and prereqs...
OK, here's the deal. I bought my friend SMAC for Christmas and lent her my copy of the manual to go with it. Therefore, I find myself unable to find out what the prerequisites for each Council proposal are. I really want to know - especially what the prereq for repealing the UN Charter is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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For SMAC (without X)

Proposal Tech

Elect Planetary Governor none
Global Trade Pact Planetary Economics (B6)
Solar Shade Advanced Spaceflight (D8)
Melt Polar Caps Advanced Ecological Engeneering (B7)
Repeal/Reinstate UN Charter Advanced Military Algorithms (C4)
Unity Fusion Core Orbital Spaceflight (D6)
Leader Massimo Homo Superior (E8)

Hope that helps.
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