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Huge AI Leader Freeing Bug!
I was trying out the Caretakers. Defeated the Usurpers early on and was pacted to Cybernetic Consciousness. A Cybernetic probe attempted (and succeeded) to free the Usurper leader from my headquarters. When it did this _I_ received a message that _I_ had freed the leader of the _Cybernetic Consciousness_. Here's the kicker, ALL Cybernetic Consciousness bases and units just up and DISAPPEARED! I assume that the Cybernetic Consciousness was started anew somewhere else on Planet. I wonder if this happens all the time when the AI tries it. Is there any way to disable the Leader Freeing feature?
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that is a new one on me. But then again, I don't believe I've ever had the AI attempt to free another leader.

One point - how did you let a probe get that close to your HQ?
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We were Pacted.
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Holy crap!
Pity for the Cyborgs. Think if you are just about to complete, say, the AtT, and suddenly you start over with a couple of colony pods and a scout patrol.
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I'm surprised an error that big didn't crash the game.
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There was a thread a few months back where that had happened to the HUMAN player. Forget who it was. Either they were trying to rescue, or someone was breaking into their punishment sphere - but the player's bases all disappeared.

Talk about holy snit!
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I have had the AI free another AI. I was at war with the Spartans and Believers. I had defeated the Spartans about 20 turns eralier. Miriam comes along and frees Santiago. I was pretty shocked. I didn't get any weird errors like you guys described. I can vouch that the AI can successfully free leaders.
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That must explain what happened in this game. I'm Morgan, and this save is the autosave from 2388. In 2389, Cha Dawn just completely disappears from the map! I checked the units list, and all he's got left is a few scout patrols, a couple of shard rovers, and two or three colony pods. I haven't done a side-switch to try and see what happened, but the really odd thing is that it was Cha Dawn who sucked up both the Gaians and the Peacekeepers pretty early on - so the circumstances described by Yxklyx don't quite apply (it couldn't have been Cha trying to free a faction, he killed them both!). The only thing I do know is that it wasn't a planet buster, as I got no notification of it and none of Cha's lands turned into lakes (I was planning on doing that myself, just before Transcending )

It's kinda going to make the mopping-up of this game all the more boring. Though it will spare me from watching Cha spend missiles on cheap garrisons on the sea bases I took from him just off his coast.

Feels like SMAX needed one more patch. Shame.
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I have also seen an AI successfully free another AI with nothing odd happening. It was early in the game.
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