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Often in MP, rarely SP 1 4.00%
Rarely MP, often SP 1 4.00%
Rarely 8 32.00%
Never 12 48.00%
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Fungal Payloads - Do you use them?
I just come from playing through my first game of SMAX. For me, the fungal payload seems not to be really worth its money, at least when you are way ahead the other factions. But it was a great fun to utterly ruin Marr's empire. He has -1 Planet and cannot run Green, had not yet achieved Cybernetic, so a fungal tile is completely useless. On the other hand, most other factions have means to actually get at least 1 food from a fungus tile (Deirde 2 food, and Morgan 1 food, 1 energy fairly early in the game).
The price for a few fungus tiles seems to be extraordinarily high, as you need a lot of missiles to affect one base seriously, and it takes effect only a few turns later. The best use is perhaps to disable bonus tiles.
So I would guess, fungal payloads are rarely used, except for having fun when you don't know what to do with your production.
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Too much effort for no benefit.
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I once had a game where my main assault force was engaged at the other end of my empire, and I was using Needlejets in spoiling attacks on an island adjacent to me, knocking out anything that moved. Because I really wanted the Needles to join my assault force, and I had gotten down to taking out terrain enhancements, I built 3 Fungal payloads and detonated them over the island. By the time I finally got my forces to the island (courtesy of the Space Elevator) the AI was still concentrating on cleaning up the fungus, and I rolled over the island on my way to the AI's main continent.
For the most part, though, there are much better weapons to be built. Regardless, a nice, esoteric weapon which does have unique capabilities.

And if Dale DOES choose self exile, then 'poly just lost another one of their star gaming contributors, and that's a pity, since this is still a gaming site.

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I might have used one once, but they're really to expensive for the small benefits they provide.
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...I'm weird.

I use fungies a lot. Morgan-boy running Free Market? Lookit all those useless squares! Then I just roll my mind worms in, and grin evilly. Works well on Miriam if her economy isn't Green (and rarely is in SP, usually isn't for me in MP).

No, I don't use Gaians, by the way. Spartans/University all de way!
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A situational weapon...
Definitely a situational use thing. Not something you plan to use every game. Nice to use, especially at higher reactor levels on anyone running Market, or other low planet levels. Tectonic has its uses, too. Wanna hose Svengaard up a bit? Drop a Fusion Tectonic Payload in the middle of his two or three best sea bases. What improvements? For that matter, fungus will usually set him back. It's also an interesting thing to use on someone you want to take out, but they're using their road network to move defenders better than you'd like them to.

If you've got the Xenoempathy Dome, drop some Fungal Payloads in the middle of their cities and come rolling in like an avalanche. They can move one square in fungus, while you use it like a road. Can you say 'advantage'?
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I very rarely use them. But its kind of fun to drop them on your opponents most productive cities.
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Jac de Molay
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I typicallly use the Xeno - movement strategies when employing payloads, but that's about it.

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Like many things they are devestating to the AI. I have only used them very sparingly, but a friend of mine uses them a lot in order to give the AI a body blow from which it cannot easily recover while he scampers for Transcendence. It can be a real time saver, as you can trap the enemy in a fungal mess, and watch him starve instead of conquering and managing his bases. A tactic for the player that is already ahead.
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I use it (with the Xeno project) to act as a smoke screen and hide my units, as well as allow them to move more quickly than the opponent.
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