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Faction leader neck perimeter
I have just noticed that many of the Faction leaders like to wear some kind of clothing extension around their neck like a perimeter defense. Why is that?, and why don't Dee and Aki wear any clothing above the shoulders?

* Could it be their mind's response to the mind worms?
* Maybe it hides a device to protect the leader from Psy attacks?
* An indication of which factions were meant to be played by the computer?
* Which factions were meant to be human favorites(aka the Gaians)?

What do you think?
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ACDG3 Gaians
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Just when I thought that it was no longer possible to come up with a truely original thread on SMAC...

I think that since you only see them from the neck up most of the time they are trying hard to project as much of the character's image into the picture. Nothing more. So Zak has a high tech thing happening for him, Miriam gets a vaguely priestly looking collar and so on.

I also think that you have been playing SMAC too long. At least go and pick up SMACX.
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Dee = nekked

I don't know, I just figure it's... futuristic clothing stuff.

"Do you like your Quasi-Futuristic clothing, Brother Lal?"
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Mr. President
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You are supposed to sympathise with the Gaians, but that's not how you tell . . .
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Well, with SMAX it gives Yang and Domai something to talk about in MP diplomacy... "Why the hell are we wearing these giant dog collars / perimeter defenses..."
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