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Ethical Calculus in 2101
Is this possible? Yes, playing MP having Miriam ahead of UoP in the order of play. Miriam offers Social Psych to UoP who opens his turn and recieve this tech before chosing his first tech. EC as the first tech in 2101.

Actually this opens up a number possibilities. Getting Gene Splicing in MY 2104? Air Power 2130s? Transcend by the 2170s?

Starting with original seven factions actually gives you all the level 1 techs except for Applied Physics (which UoP can choose as their second free tech) plus one level 2 tech (Doc: Loyalty).

I tried one MP scenario with Gaians, UoP, Morgan and PKs. By the MY 2132 PKs was one year from Bio-Engineering and Morgan one year from Synt Foss Fuel (Gaians was four year from the same tech which means that another step could be taken after the discovery). UoP was 10 year from Cent Meditation. None of the faction had Non Linear, Poly Soft, Doc Loyal and Doc Flex.

Imagine the top 7 research factions. The optimal combination. Could be interesting results.
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There is a SP Transcendence victory by Korn469 in 2185, on a small map. On directed research, cooperative etc. it should be possible to beat this. Perhaps it might be worthwile to mix in a faction which is heavy on industry (Hive or Drones) to do the terraforming for the rest.
Why doing it the easy way if it is possible to do it complicated?
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