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Unity News Network: First Commissioner
(This thread could be used to provide semi-fictional news articles about events prior to planetfall... in case anyone is interested in writing anything.)

* * *

Glorious Victory for God

Warrior of God steps forward

Tonight, 21:06 UST (Unity Standard Time), the election booths of the first official Commissioner elections of UN Peacekeepers finally closed, with tremendous excitement in the air. The race was won with overwhelming majority by one of our blessed Brother's in Lord, E.L. Crisler of the Fundamentalist Faction. This glorious victory for God marks a turning point for our whole faction, and in the future we may surely expect the ranks of believers to grow, much like they did in our dear sister Miriam's blessed crew.

Scientists prove God's Prophecy

"Fundamentalism is the natural social development of any society", Academician Al Hazred noted over 50 years ago in Earth, "[God] will establish his kingdom during this very decade". It seems that the predictions of the scientific community did come true, it was only that the true Kingdom of God was never intended to materialize in fallen Earth, but to born here in the womb of starship Unity, and to grow up in the new Garden of Eden that we call simply "the Planet". Commissioner Crisler's election was merely the first stepping stone in this natural progression towards spiritual freedom, but there's still lot to do. The Planet is wild, filled with beasts of unimaginable horror, yet it is our job to fulfill God's will and subdue this Planet, to become it's undisputed masters like Lord intended. All this was prophesied, and true believers should not falter in their faith.

Satanic influences luring believers

But as the monsters of the Planet lurk beneath us, so do the monsters of our sinful natures lurk within. As do the other factions within unity, especially the unethical "Academician" Zakharov and that weaseling inhuman terrorist Yang, there are also elements of unfaithfulness and rebellion against God inside our own political parties. The hedonists and atheists of all creeds hate nothing as they do pure soldiers of God, and we must stand firm when they make their pit against our righteous rule. Every Godfearing citizen of Unity is hereby encouraged to seize this witnessing opportunity that our political victory poses, and to bring your neighbours in communion with God! "Who is not with us, is against us", said our lord, and truly now is the time when everyone has to pick their side: the Truth of God's wisdom, or the lies and deceit of man.

Praise the Lord!

(This informative newsflash provided by "Second Genesis Society", as required by the Equal Time clause of the Declaration of Free Speech, article 71. Unity News Network takes no responsibility of the content of the article.)

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Oh my God, I’ve been away too long, this certainly is unexpected. (j/k )

May I be the first to congratulate you on this victory.
You can only curse me to eternal damnation for so long!
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Mr. President
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And may I be the second?

Forward to glory!
Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost.
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Re: Unity News Network: First Commissioner
Leland...How would you like it if I were to offer you a membership within the UNN staff?
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