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Too many visitors on Poly?
Once again we had a nasty mySQL database problem, but it wasn't the first time. Now the error code was that there was too many users for vBulletin. Is this still a problem caused by the large crowd of Poly newbies that have found ACS on ex. search engines when looking for information about MoO3 or PtW and have come to Poly for the information; mostly without registering? Couldn't something be done to this? It's quite tedious for registered users that have been on Poly abit longer than these newcomers. At least it means that we can't get to the forums when we want. I'm not opposing these newbies, but IMO something should be done. Recently the server has become so slugish that loading pages on Poly takes much longer than usual.
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this time the problem was unrelated to traffic but simply something stucking up in mysql...

the high traffic in the middle of the week was due to the moo3 interview and the publicity it was given(linked for several news sites + the official site)

can we do something about it? yes, last monday, the server would load up at 300 forum users and 2 chat users. today, it does at 500 and 10. how that was done? changes in server configuration and differentation in what is shown at different groups of people at different occasions of traffic

is there more that can be done? we certainly believe and hope so
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Markos, then you should so something about
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See the Staffroom for more details...
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It has been quite a while since the site has gone down for a significant period of time.
Good job Markos.
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Of course, the site is slower... But I really hope that a lot of newbies come here and see the wonderful things that Poly has to offer.

EDIT: hey, I'm a king!!!
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