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Finding the OCC guide/rules
I noticed in the Hall of Fame here on Apolyton (at ), it makes mention of an OCC standard with three different levels. The link seems to be long gone, though; anyone know if that information still exists anywhere?

After months of Civ 3, I decided to get back into SMAC and play a few quick OCC games. Won by Transcendence with Lal on a small map fairly easily, with the higher pop limits and extra talents. Trying it with Deirdre now; the game's going slower on a larger map and since she can't run Free Market, but in Green with mind worms she's invulnerable to attack no matter how far behind in tech she gets. Just got both of the double-science SPs complete in the base, and it should be clear sailing from here on. (Once Gaia's Landing is pop-boomed up to max, Police State is actually very good for Deirdre. Still at +3 efficiency with Green/Knowledge, and the extra support and police is quite nice.)

Going to try next with Morgan, which should be a real challenge; low pop limits and no booming until Eudaimonic.
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I have copied a post from VEL on the same topic from about a year ago. here it is ( although I don't recall where he got this)-- it comes from this thread

Here's the synopsis in brief:

"One City Challenge"
Basic: (which is actually a two city challenge...or could be!)
1. You can't build any colony pods. (You can use your colony pod to found a new base at the beginning of the game.)

2. You must abandon conquered bases either by starving, turning over to friends or obliterating. (I've never quite come to grips with how the whole starving thing works....'s always seemed easier to just turn them over to a friend).

3. You must win by Ascent to Transcendence.

4. You must build at least 16 secret projects.

5. You may only build native military units and units without weapon(armor allowed).

6. You must choose the difficulty level higher than Librarian.

7. You can keep whatever you find in the unity pods.

Advanced Challenge(changes to basic challenge):
1. You must disband your initial colony pod immediately--IIRC, rather than disbanding the 2nd pod, you could simply add it to your OCC-base's population.

5. You can only build units with armor and no weapon.

7. You must disband any units you found in the unity pods.

Ultimate Challenge:
1. You can only build one base, disband any colony pod at start (no adding to your initial Pop).

2. Abandon any conquered base by starving, obliterating, or giving away (must be done on the same turn as the base is conquered)

3. You must win by Ascent to Transcendence.

4. Blind Research.

5. You may not build any units with weapon, armor, and psi-ability. You can only bribe enemy units.

6. You must disband any units found in unity pods(including transport foils)

7. You must build at least 16 secret projects.

8. You must play at transcend level.

9. You will play on the "Planet" map.
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