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I need an opinion.
Has anyone considered adding these -

TECH, BioEng (tech for clean reactor), FREEABIL, 16 (clean reactor)

to the AI factions to give them some more muscle?
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Ogie Oglethorpe
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That should help the AI significantly especially when one considers the AI loves to build units to the point of eliminating all its mineral resources in the unit's respective home cities. How many times have you seen Yang or Domai have so many units supported that they can't produce anything else.

P.S. Plus, I personally like the idea b/c I would love to subvert these for free supported units.
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Master Marcus
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I agree, but adding only this won't change the "challenge" at all in an advanced game, since the AI make only sparse tactical combat against you when in vendetta ( I wish for the future engines that the AI can make full-scale invasions ).

However I always found ridiculous all those mineral expenditures AND pacifism effect in some AI bases - often reaching "no minerals" for further building!!! So adding a free clean reactor for the AI should help it compete with you in the "build" era, meaning the SPs, but not really in the "expansion-conquest" era.

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It might help if you add the occasional "clean reactor unit" to the alpha.txt unite presets. That was my solution and it helped out the AI a little bit in terms of building an attack force.
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