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where r them friggin maps

after some game play on random maps , i find that those maps are pretty useless , sometimes factions are put on a place where they do not stand a chance , so that they are not actually of any use in the game .
this is ofcourse realistic and all , but seeing that there are only 7 factions , it would be quite crap to lose one .
also , some factions are being put to close together , or the factions are put in that a way , that some parts of the map is not used at all .
that is why i prefer to use maps ( which are specifically created , cos they are far more realistic than random created ones ) and edit them , so that every faction has a good place to start .
this makes a game far more interesting , with 7 powerfull factions ( 6 most of the time , morgan sux ) instead of 3 powerfull and 4 crap factions .

however , there is only one map on which this is ( partially ) possible , and that is the earth one .
however , that one is too big
the computer controlled factions never colonize enough to get the map filled up
not even if i colonize europe , western russia , and north africa .

so my question is : where can i find maps which are similar to that earth map ( realistic ) but a bit smaller ?

i cannot find them , not even on apolyton
surely there must be some good map creators out there ...

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