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SMAX - Where can you still get it?
I've been looking ot get SMAX for ages, since i wrecked my copy.... but where the hell can i buy it??? It seems to be discontinued as no shops ive seen online or the high street have it?

If its not possible to buy it can someone run me off a copy? Prepared to pay if needs be.

Mucho Thanks
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Hi Drogue,
just bought a replacement disk myself from a store in England. Unfortunately, I just reformatted my PC, and so don't have the particulars of the store (i.e. E-Mail info, etc.), however here is the E-Bay website listing the available SMAX disks and their prices.

I quickly found that it is much simpler to choose the "Buy it Now" option, and ended up paying about $26 US for the SMAX disk. FYI in case you enjoy playing bidding wars with phantom buyers that are just trying to push up the price!
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