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Sea Sensors
I have been trying to place sensor arrays in the ocean. I changed the line in alphax.txt that pertains to sensor arrays so that you can build them when you get DocFlex.
The sensors appear built, but they DON'T WORK. Specificlly, I have moved a foil near one of my sensors and I a foriegn foil unit next to the sensor appears when my unit gets withing two squares. Is something wrong?

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You can get sensors to work in oceans, although you have to make sure it's inside your borders. So you'll have to either sacrifice one square close to a coastal base (only a kelp farm can be built in the same square as a sensor) or build one within the borders created by a seabase.

I've tried to make a 'kelp forest' but have had no luck. Ah well.

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Since sea-monoliths upgrade naval vessels, it might be wise to lower a land monolith into the sea intentionally for this purpose.

How about Air?

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Hmmm - never heard of anyone succeeding in getting the land enhancements working in ocean squares.

I tried a year ago to amend the alpha.txt to allow underwater mag tubes, but altho the code accepted it, (had to code for seabed roads too) they wouldn't work (maybe I needed a submersible former - just thought of that).

Only thing I have seen is that monoliths work even after global warming raises the sea levels - they pop out of the water, and yes, do upgrade and repair naval vessels.

Don't know if a coastal sensoor would work in these circumstances, tho.

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