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Another question about multiplaying.
I'm currently involoved in several multiplayer (PBEM) games and at the rate were going we might finish them sometime before 2010 . It occured to me maybe a better way to PBEM is to use scenario's that can be won in 30-50 turns or so. That way a game could be completed in a month or two.

I was wondering if anyone out there has tried any multiplayer scenario's that are fun and balanced for PBEM? Does anyone use multiplayer scenario's regularly?
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I hear you about the slow pace of the PBEM, almost a test of patience more than anything else. I'm knew to the MP this month, and the thought of investing a couple months time into a game that might die out are not very appealing. My suggestions, remembering I am knew to this also, would be get in several games of different pace and volume of players. For example I'm in one game that started about a week ago and have played 8 turns, and everyone is dependable. There are 4 human players and it just takes a day to go around the e-mail route. The other game is just 2 human players and started 4 days ago, we have played 30 turns in that game.
A big factor seems to be # of human players and also time zones. If you're looking for a faster game pick one other human player who can play for several hours when you can play.

I realize this doesn't address your scenerio idea, but I believe most experienced players like the full game strategy content of the game.
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30 turns in 4 days is quite remarkable! So far I've found that casual games run much faster than most ACT/AXT games, strangely enough.

The game comes with some scenarios designed to be used in MP, but I have no idea how balanced they are. The Apolyton PBEM tournament started on quite a silly map, where it was possible for the university to nerve-gas everyone to death by ~ 2050, I don't know if they fixed that or not . It's not easy to balance these things.
And, as Stuntman19 points out, most of the difference between players is found in the first 60 turns (as I found out when Paul built WP and VW by '56..) Anything else just isn't Smac.

Perhaps you could have 4 or 6 players, starting in 2 unbreakable Pacts. That way they could leapfrog up the tech tree, finishing the game very early, while preserving all the elements of skill.

Or play tiny map vs the Spartans. Only a suggestion..
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