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It would cost less than the army required for an attack against the Hive.
I've never argued that a war on Yang would be cheap, so that point is moot.

If you will read what I said, the military needs a justification for its existence. And that is why they’re looking for conflict. So why not give it to them, we get ourselves a military as you say we need, we put that military to use against Morgan, and get benefits in return.
Because if we have to start a war solely in roder to justify the existence of our military, our miltiary evididently isn't needed very much, is it? In that case, why justify it's existence? And on the flip side, if we DO need a military, why start a new war to justify this, when the existing reason is good enough?

Well then our ideology needs to be reworked if it is to rigid.
Our ideology is hardly rigid. Besides, this war is by Yang's command, not ours. We will have no peace as long as he remains in power, by his decision, not by ours.

Well then if you want things to remain as they are, are you willing to sit by and watch Yang develop air units and bombard our cities? The
*SIGH* I want an army. I don't want us to start a war just to have an excuse to build one.

The war with the Hive is largely a defensive one, and form the looks of it will remain as such. The operation proposed here is one which would gain is something in return for our losses.
If it remains a defensive operation, then the only cost will be extra support for mthe units we build; lossess will probably be miniscule. However, this operation would NOt gain us very much, for reasons already listed.

I agree that right now is too early to attack Morgan; let him develop first and then take his bases.
Then why are we discussing this now? This plan, and all the polls, assume that we will attack right now.
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I repeat :

Morganites certainly deserve a lesson.

But we have no reason to start a war that will cost us innocent lives. We''d better watch our frontiers and cancel Pact as soon as we spot a CP in our territory.
SO, no despite what you all think, the CCCP is not pro-war against the Morganites. At least, I am not pro-war.
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