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Is there any Online matchmaking service for AC?
This whole email game sounds kinda slow and boring. Isn't their something like battlenet where you can play? I bought this damn game for the multiplayer? Someone please help me out!!!!
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There are IP games, but with time zones and peoples outside schedules those games seem hard to find also.
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Helium Pond
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E-mail is the best way to play this game. I tried some simultaneous IP gaming, and I just don't think the game is made for that, unless you play at a very primitive level. If you want to pay attention to managing your bases and terraformers, it's MORE boring to sit there doing nothing while your opponent takes their turn. Playing by E-mail, you get to take your turn at your leisure. It can be slow at the beginning, but once you have a decent number of bases, it can get really interesting. I reccommend you give PBEM a try.
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I second what Helium Pond says. The game just isn't suited to IP play in my opinion. Well ... everyone hates playing IP with me, they just keep asking "what's taking so long?"
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