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Iíve played SMAC for a while now, and thought that I had seen everything. Well, I was wrong.

In my last setup (as Dee, of course) I had a fairly nice piece of real estate to myself. Then, as my mindworms were roaming the fungus, I bumped into Miriam about turn 40. Miriam is always nice for a while, then gets VERY unpleasant as I resume my builder governmental styles of demo, green/planned, and wealth/knowledge (depending on circumstances).

I traded techs, and she became solicitous. So I offered a pact, and she accepted. Keep in mind that I was frontier at the time. Shortly thereafter I changed to at least one setting Miriam hates.

Any time I expected Miriam to call, renounce the pact, and ferry her troops over the large continent. But, she didnít. In fact, our pact lasted 150 YEARS before it finally came to an end! During this time she had expanded enormously (I stopped at about 18 bases), and was No. 3. We were both at war with the butt-head Sven, who for a long time was No 1 in all categories since he had the Jungle.

There were some mitigating factors, I suppose. The mutual war was one, and I generally gave in to her demands for tech and energy. I finally objected to giving her fusion and orbital spaceflight, which is when things fell apart (she was seething for about 70 years or so). Also, I wasnít that big since I didnít get energy restrictions lifted for 205 years (love that double blind research!!!!), so growth and even eco damage were a problem.

So, it shows there is always something new. I really like double blind research, too Ė every tech advance is like cashing an artifact. Oh, and I saw a Pirate former with marine capability!

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Nice. I've had pacts continue for long periods after being in SE conflict, but never for that length of time with Miriam.

I agree 100% that double blind is the most fun way to go in single play. You never know what will happen. You are forced to adapt and improvise more. I recently played an odd game where I couldn't beg, borrow or steal recycling tanks at the start of the game. Couldn't research it either. Eventually I got it, but not before I had about half a dozen (expensive) pressure domes built.
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