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Alinestra Covelia
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Happy Birthdays
Actually, it's a bit of a lie. There are no famous birthdays that I know of on this day (11th October 2000), but it might be worthwhile noting the following ages:

Somewhere in western rural China, probably in the environs of Wuhan city, a young boy named Ji Yang of the Sheng family is living the 649th day of his life. He has an interest in martial arts and has learned to mimic his father's drill steps. He is probably fast asleep as I type this.

Somewhere in Russia, a precociously intelligent young boy named Prokhor is running around with a scalpel proving himself a menace to the native wildlife. He is six years and a month old. He probably doesn't have to sleep, being a bit of a special case and all.

Nobody else is yet born or even conceived, although it is possible that Lular H'minee and Juda'a Marr have hatched by this point in time.
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Christantine The Great
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I forgot that most of the leaders were born around this time.

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Ay See,

Nice observations--brought a smile to my face.
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