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VC of the PeaceKeepers
Please forgive me for making my own tread, but this game should not be held up against the other on going games since, I have learned from them and have shaved off turns from experiences of others.

2106 - UN HQ begins colonial expansion plan, exploration efforts continue.
2109 - Tech Discovery! Centauri Ecology, begin Applied Physics
2110 - Rover finds undefended pop 2 Hive HQ. Bullied Doc:Mob from the good Chairman, then he rudely ended transmission. Base seized, but Chairman escapes to an unknown base. Grateful librated citizens build a perimeter defense system at UN HA (bug!)
2112 – Battle Ogre Mk1 discovered. It is ordered to map the Mesa and surrounding areas
2113 – Tech Discovery! Applied Physics, begin Social Psych. (18 turns L)
2114 – Rover ventures out to locate lost base and finds it down the river. The good Chairman wisely surrenders. Surrendered tech include Doc:Flex and Doc:Loy
2116 – UN Pillar of Rights founded at 61:21, will rush former then continue expansion plan. Sea transport finds Geothermal Shallows. UN HQ will rush former next turn and prepare to establish PK’s first sea colony. Explorers discover a data pod, information on Industrial Bases loaded.
2118 – UN Haven City founded at 58:18. Will rush former, then prototype Synthmetal Garrison troops. Rover trying to block pacted Hive colony pod from expanding Hive territory. The PK must win the race to the Ridge. UN PR former build road to Monolith. BO finds strange alien life in fungus, and is promoted to Hardened after killing it. BO suffers no damage.
2119 – A scout patrol recover a second Battle Ogre. The Battle Ogre provides the comm. link to Sister Miriam. Contacted the Believers, and traded Social Psych for Applied Physics. Attempts for the Chairman’s comm. and additional tech are all denied. The Sister asks for peace regardless and it is accepted. PK scientists divert work to Information Networks (7 turns)
2121 – Spent last credits to rush colony pod at the Hive. Rover still shadowing the Hive colony pod, but another is being produced. The race is on.
2122 – Hive builds Socialism Tunnels at 65:7. I guessed incorrectly that he could not build while my unit was in the same area. The race to secure the ridge looks unlikely now. I may consider exchanging bases after settling my newest colony pod to place the ridge behind my border. Then after settling along the ridge, gift back the border bases. My rover begins exploration again and encounters an alien in the fungus. After a brutal battle the rover is badly damaged, but survives, and is promoted to Hardened. The rover will seek R&R at ST. My scout patrol also encounters an alien, but this one is different. Similar results though are gained.
2125 – UN Data Acquisition founded at 75:9. I guess all those long talks with that economist Morgan during the space voyage paid off. I have been stockpiling credits at the Hive, and sold their perimeter defenses to rush the former at UN DA. Also two years ago plans were made to move the prototyping project at UN HC to the new base. UN HC will continue the colonization of this world. Some reorganization of the workforces at various bases is needed to insure optimal efficiency.
2126 – Tech Discovery! InfoNets. Scientists hope to be the first to unlock the secrets of the human brain. Pirates built Provision Point at 65:19 a few years ago in the bay between the PK and Hive. Sea Transport begins a blockade at the mineral shelf near by Pirate’s Save Haven to prevent losing this favorable sea colony site and to limit access to the geothermals. Provost Zakharov authorizes the HGP.
2127 – After conditions were right at ST (pop 2), I called Yang to swap bases. My initial offer was rejected, but after reminding him that he had no choice, Yang capitulated. Now the Pholus Ridge will be mine.
2128 – UN Settlement Agency founded at 59:27, first population warning given. Must learn how to improve my efficiency
2131 – UN Amnesty Town founded at 54:26. Potential drone problems quashed at ST.
2132 - UN Ocean Authority founded at 67:33 within the Geothermals. Blockade proves useless in stopping Pirate SCP from slipping into nearby waters.
2135 – PK first prototype completed at UN DA, will shift efforts to help colonize the Ridge. UN Social Council founded at 63:17. My sea transport is now ferrying UN HQ’s former to the island nearby for development. The transport will also blockade the narrows to prevent Pirates from establishing bases just outside of PK harbors. Speaking of the Pirates, Svensgaard contacted me. I declined a mutual surprise attack against my slave Yang, and transmitted information on IndB to keep the peace.
2140 – UN Court of Justice founded at 69:11.
2143 – After rushing RecCom and Tanks, UN HQ and UN HA begin work on Secret Projects. These projects are so secret, who knows what they will be before they are actually completed.
2145 – Scientist make a break thru with S:HB. Unfortunately University scientists discovered this some 13 years ago. We begin work on Ethical Calculus to curb growing inefficiency and finish growth spurt along the Ridge. (ETA 17 years K)
2148 –UN Criminal Tribunal founded at 69:17 by CP from UN DA. SynthG transferred to UN CJ. UN DA gifted to Hive along with info on CenEc and IndB. Hopefully this will spur Hive activity and lead to more of a beneficial relationship.

Status Report my 2150:
10 Techs, Breakthroughs every 14y, next in 9y

11 Bases, 31 population, 1 active CP, another CP and SCP very near completion

Merchant Exchange production at UN HQ, ETA 16y
Weather Paradign production at UN PR, ETA 27y
Virtual World production at UN HA, ETA 38y
Human Genome Project near completion with University

7 Formers
2 Sea Formers
7 Scout Patrols
1 Trance Scout Inf
1 Synthmetal Garrison
2 Battle Ogre Mk1
1 Unity Rover
1 Unity Foil
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2151 – University builds the HGP, and begins HV. This may prove to be a tight race. Pirates offer a pact to go to war against an alien faction called the Caretakers. Despite our ideological differences, I will always side with my own species. UN Marine Agency founded at 62:32
2152 – UN Enforcement Base founded at 62:10, second warning given and with one more base to build. Miriam despite her bible thumping and lack of any real influence on planet has sold me the comm. link to Zakharov. I exchanged CenEc for her world map in hopes of finding the Universities location, but did not. However it was enough to call for an election of Planetary Governor. I won by a landslide; 57 votes to Svensgaard’s 16.
2154 - UN Disaster Relief founded at 65:13. This completes my initial expansion, and scientists report that a breakthrough to Democracy is near. Efforts to relocate former units to bases not building SPs are underway.
2156 – Tech! Ethical Calculus, begin Planetary Networks (8 turns J). Switched to Democracy, trying to control drone problems despite the greater efficiency. Increased Lab budget by 10%
2159 – After determining the University would not be threatened by my strength and power, I contacted him. Doc:Loy and selling the Caretaker comm. would be a small price to pay for peace and increased trade.
2163 – Tech! Planetary Networks, begin Industrial Economics (9 turns J). Switched to Planned to help SPs.
2165 – Merchant Exchange built at UN HQ. Caretaker Weather Paradigm nearing completion. Called Believers and sold Caretakers comm., also gifted Doc:Flex to her to appease her threatening tone against my Democratic government. Spent every last credit on WP and rearranged workforce to complete the job next year.
2166 – Weather Paradign built at UN PR. Caretaker switches to Virtual World. UN HA estimates 16 more years of production. I will start to save credits if the need arises to rush the job.
2171 – Tech! Industrial Economics, begin Progenitor Psych from limited list (8 turns)
2173 – UN HC produces first probe skimship. She will likely establish infiltration to gain experience then seek out alien datafiles. Pop booms at a handful of bases during the last few turns. Spending every credit on VW before changing to a Free Market.
2174 – Virtual World built at UN HA. University changes to Planetary Datalinks. Economy switched to FM. Drone problems almost everywhere. Running 20/20/60 to keep workforce building nodes where necessary. Tech rate now at every 5y.
2176 - UN HQ enters golden age after nodes is built. Now rushing for Creches
2177 – Tech! Progenitor Psych, begin Industrial Automation (5 turns J)
2180 – Probe Foil contacts the Usurper Marr. We are now at war since we would not break our pact with the Pirates hand over valuable tech. Probe sends infiltration team with success and a promotion. Marr is technologically weak, but is beginning efforts to build a navy.
2182 – Tech! Industrial Automation, begin Gene Splicing (5 turns). Probe steal Field Modulation from Marr, team promoted. Survival switched to Wealth and with nodes in almost every base, I moved allocations to an ideal setting of 30/10/60. Tech now every 4 turns!
2184 – Hive has proved his worthiness as my vassal with the gift of information on High Energy plasma. Probe drains energy from Marr in preparations to bribe his ships or rush p-defenses at my ocean colonies.
2185 – Tech! Gene Splicing, begin Ecological Engineering (5 turns).
2186 – Marr lands a gun rover and CP on island near my sea colonies. Bribed the rover and with it attacked the CP. Treat ended, but this is just the beginning.
2187 – Bribed a Plasma Hoverboat and sank a Marr transport. Boat promoted to disciplined
2190 - Tech! Ecological Engineering, begin Environmental Economics (5 turns). Probe foil lost to war, bringing replacement who was off exploring to the front waves.
2194 - Tech! Environmental Economics, begin Centauri Empathy (5 turns). Called Yang, and he transmitted Nonlinear Mathematics to me.
2198 – Tech! Centauri Empathy, begin Adaptive Economics (4 turns).

Status Report my 2200:
PK neck and neck with Caretakers on power graph.
Pirates next at 55% power, Marr and University at 50%, Hive with 25%, Believers <20%
Pact with Pirates
Surrender by Hive
Peace with University and Believers
Vendetta with Aliens

22 Techs, Breakthroughs every 4y, next in 1y

14 Bases, 91 population.

Peacekeeper’s SPs: Merchant Exchange, Weather Paradign, Virtual World.
University has Human Genome Project, and Planetary Data Links is near completion.

9 Formers
4 Sea Formers
7 Scout Patrols
4 Trance Scout Inf
1 Synthmetal Garrison
2 Battle Ogre Mk1
1 Unity Rover
1 Unity Foil
1 Plasma Hoverboat
1 Skimship Probe Team
3 Supply Crawlers

1 HQ
14 Network Nodes
14 Children’s Creches
14 Recreation Commons
12 Recycling Tanks
2 Pressure Domes
6 Research Hospitals
6 Aquafarms
4 Energy Banks
4 Perimeter Denfenses
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2201 – Tech! Adaptive Economics, begin Neural Grafting (4 turns). Zac builds PN, then calls to gloat. Figure he might be willing to trade, so I declared vendetta against the Believers. Instead he criticizes me for running wealth and tells me he wont trade.
2202 – Pirates begin the Command Nexus. Probe foil promoted to commando after stealing CyberEthics from the Caretakers. Switching to Knowledge next year. Tech every 3 years now!
2204 – Tech! Neural Grafting, begin Bio-Engineering (4 turns). Pirates have dissolved our pact, but we are still at peace.
2207 – Tech! Bio-Engineering, begin Doctrine:Intiative (3 turns)
2211 – Tech! Doctrine:Intiative, begin Superstring Theory (3 turns). UN HC begins Maritime CC. UN HA begins prototyping clean 3res armor. Formers being upgraded to clean versions as they complete jobs. Bribing more Marr navy to cancel attacks.
2213 – Tech! Superstring Theory, begin Synthetic Fossil Fuels (3 turns). Marr navy being sent to the bottom of the sea.
2216 – Tech! Synthetic Fossil Fuels, begin Polymorphic Software (3 turns).
2217 – University builds Command Nexus, then begins Citizens Defense Program.
2219 – Svensgaard calls in vein for an election, 212 to 41. Tech! Polymorphic Software, begin Doctrine:Air Power (3 turns).
2222 - Tech! Doctrine:Air Power!!!, begin Mind/Machine Interface (3 turns).
2223 – Caretakers start Empath Guild.
2224 – UN HC completes the Maritime CC. Marr contact us suing for peace, none shall come from me. Another fully laden Marr transport sinks to the bottom of the sea.
2225 – Tech! Mind/Machine Interface, begin Adaptive Doctrine (3 turns). First naval unit is built, an elite Clean Chaos Destroyer (8)-3-9. Compared to the other ships on the water this class shouldn’t be Destroyer, it should be Behemoth. Begin building Cloudbase Academy at UN DA. The caretakers have taken a nose dive on the power chart, I don’t know why. Svensgaard still brooding about the lost elections called and demanded a huge payment. I declined and he pronounced vendetta. One of my elite probe foils took advantage of the situation and stole Optical Computer from him. The Behemoth added insult to injury by sending an impact skimship to a watery grave.
2226 – All bases have reached their population limits. I have stagnated or +1 growth in all but a few bases. 23 of my 132 population are thinkers. In less than 10 years, I plan to clean up my build ques and have Hab Domes built in each base. Then a switch to Planned economics for a pop boom After I have reached my food capacity, a likely change to a Green economy, a bump in labs allocation, and a ongoing war with any that oppose my rule
2228 – Tech! Adaptive Doctrine, begin Advanced Military Algorithms. PK navy about to break the backs of two Pirates bases. The caretakers sued for peace, but they got the same answer as Marr.
2229 – PK builds first air unit on planet, a Clean Chaos PenetratorX 8x-1-10. The first victim, a fully loaded Marr transport. A second CCPX to be built next year. They will alternate bombing runs on the aliens.
2230 – Port Barbary (57:37) and Pot Svensgaard (71:15) concurred. Every faction except the Hive bans together to against me.
2231 – Tech! Advanced Military Algorithms, begin Superconductor (4 turns)
2232 – Cloudbase Academy built. Hab Domes rushed in every base. Economics switched to Planned.
2233 - Surprise attack by impact foil almost sink the Behemoth, she is retreating to UN CT. I gift Port Svensgaard to Hive. Marr’s Union Base (75:39) destroyed by gas attacks
2235 – Tech! Superconductor, begin Intellectual Integrity (5 turns) University builds Citizens Defense Program. Marr’s Razorwing City(0:38) destroyed by gas attacks.
2236 – Caretakers build Empath Guild. Elite probe steals Intellectual Integrity from the Caretakers, switching to Pre-Sentient Algorithms.(3 turns now as I create more thinkers)
2238 – Most of the PK bases have reached their food limits, so switching to Green, and with the number of thinkers I have reallocated to 40-0-60. Techs will now be every 3 turns.
2239 Tech! Intellectual Integrity, begin Fusion Power (4 turns) Marr’s Warrior Harmony (78:42) is the latest victim of gas attacks.
2240 Pirates Safe Haven (76:22) has fallen to the Behemoth. Svensgaard made some idle threats, but he can do nothing to stop me now. Soon I will gift this base to the Hive.
2240 - UN SA builds Planetary Transit Authority.
2242 – UN AT builds Planetary Energy Grid. Tech! Fusion Power, begin Planetary Economics (3 turns). Marr’s sea base Hornbill Point (73:51) captured by naval forces. Now all of Marr’s bases are within range.
2243 - Marr’s Horror: Progenitor (76:42) destroyed from gas attack. Caretaker’s Scorched Island (66:56) taken by naval elements. This will be the staging point for the resettlement of Marr’s island once his blight has been removed.
2245 – Tech! Planetary, Economics, begin Orbital Spaceflight (3 turns). Marr’s Godhood’s Grasp (76:48) destroyed by gas attacks.
2246 – UN CJ builds Cyborg Factory. Pirate’s Capetown (43:33) captured by naval forces, soon to be handed over to the hive.
2247 – Tech! Orbital Spaceflight, begin Organic Superlubricant (3 turns). The Behemoth captured Pirates Provision Point (65:19). Svensgaard calls with the usual demands. I called a veto to salvage the unity core, it passed without a nea vote.
2248 – Hive eradicates the Believers. I wished I could have been there to see her tortured.
2249 – Marr’s Strafing Run (76:42) destroyed by gas attack.
2250 – Tech! Superlubricant, begin Advanced Spaceflight (3 turns)

Status Report my 2250:
PK running away with game on power graph
Surrender by Hive
Vendetta with everyone

42 Techs, Breakthroughs every 3y, next in 3y
Cost per tech: 3360, per turn 1162.8
Reserves 1621, Income: 508, Maintenance: -238, Net: +270

14 core bases, 4 captured sea bases. 189 core population (49 Thinkers), 7 captured.

1 Colony Pod
9 Clean Formers
4 Clean Sea Formers
6 Scout Patrols
4 Trance Scout Inf
1 Synthmetal Garrison
2 Battle Ogre Mk1
1 Unity Rover
1 Unity Foil
3 Clean 3-Res Sentinels
1 Amphibious 3-Res Garrisons
3 Clean Chaos Need;ejets
1 Clean Chaos Destroyer
2 Clean Chaos Skimships
1 Missle Foil
2 Skimship Probe Team
2 Supply Crawlers
1 Fusion Foil Supply

1 HQ
14 Network Nodes
14 Children’s Creches
14 Recreation Commons
12 Recycling Tanks
2 Pressure Domes
14 Research Hospitals
11 Aquafarms
10 Thermocline Transducers
4 Perimeter Denfenses
14 Biology Labs
12 Tree Farms
14 Fusion Labs
14 Hab Complexes

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