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Alien battle ogre- urgh!
I have not played a ton of all random games- where you make all of the factions random and play a random faction- but I decided to give it a try and played an all random game on a standard map.

I am Miriam (a faction I like, maybe my 3rd or 4th favorite?) and I start right next to the jungle. I figure that it is party time, and start expanding as fast as I can.

The aliens touch down at year five. I take note and figure that in 50 years or so when I find themon another continent I can smear them beneath my righteous boot.

I research centauri ecology, and start building up colony pods.

Then I comes the party pooper: Marr touched down only 6 squares away from my HQ!

I start researching applied physics once centauri ecology is finished, but as Miriam it is gonna take a looong time. I start cramming my bases in to the fairly small jungle and stockpiling scout patrols. Luckily none of this hurts my support as Miriam.

I groan when I see a battle ogre approaching my HQ. My HQ is right between the jungle and Marr and I was expanding away from Marr towards the jungle when I realized he was so close.

There is nothing to do but evacuate my scout patrols- a 1-1-1 isn't much of an obstacle defensively against an ogre and I hope I can take the base back in a while.

I manage to scuff the paint job on the Ogre, I waste 3 or so scouts attacking it- surprisingly (my believer bonus was handy here) I do 30% damage or so.

At this point I basically gave up and didn't bother to relocate headquarters, it was only 10 turns later that I relocated at a base very close to my old HQ. I lose maybe 4 more bases or so in bloody combat, my scouts are completely routed by his 1-3r-1 units, with their attack bonuses.

But eventually his attacks stop for perhaps a decade, and I manage to research applied physics. I rush in a laser infantry and I manage to retake New Jerusalem, killing the Ogre!. I call it Old Jerusalem instead.

I have quite a few bases and manage to make more laser infantry. I also am lucky at this point, I can not remember how exactly but planetary networks appears as a choice (maybe I got info nets from a pod?) and I steal doctrine mobility. I make a few recon rovers to go along with my sparse laser infantry defenses.

The next 20 years are really tough, my laser units combined with the believing attack bonus and the mobile in open bonus just *barely* have 1:1 odds against the usurper 4-3r-1 impact units when they are in the open. I manage to procede with remarkably few casualties, gradually probing techs. I get a few relatively worthless techs for a while, and research high energy chemistry.

Then I get nonlinear math! I rush in a command center at old jerusalem (it has the best minerals because it is my only base with a recycling tanks) and make my first-


I figure I need to turn on the gas to beat back the alien menace.

My other bases also start producing x impact rovers. Because of the jungle they have decent industrial capabilities.

I gas a couple of his bases out of existance right away. I leave his HQ for a while and wait for it to grow large enough that I can take it without destroying it (it has the WP). Eventually Marr is no more (X impact rovers with the believing bonus are very deadly). I have a crapload of units now supported fairly easily with my +2 support and I bowl over Dawn who was to the south of Marr.

Now I survey my map and look for the next big threat: H'minee (I call her booger). Booger is all alone on a medium sized island with the uranium flats, she is currently smashing Zack to her north and she has quite a few SPs.

Once I get comm signals from fungus boy I pact with Zack, I get some decent techs. I go fundy/wealth preparing for a buildup of troops, and I keep more energy allocated to economy (it has been for a long time). My jungle bases accumulated a lot of wealth during the war which I did not really spend and I quickly rush in a basic infrastructure, energy banks, rec commons, and rec tanks in most bases.

Booger is to my west, perhaps 12 sea squares away. She also has a lot of sea bases. With my newfound crawler industrial might I crank out 4 4-1-4 units, and 2 1-3tr-4 units to act as defense. I have roughly 16-20 land units comprised of rovers, probes, and a few odd garrisons that I plan to attack with. I build 8 transports and go to booger land!

I switch out of wealth and my morale goes up, I drop a lot of units right at her HQ. I have many gas units but I take her HQ without destroying it, it contains the command nexus. Very handy. I lose a surprisingly large number of units in the ensueing battles because of her alien defense bonus but I still manage to secure the continent with 3-4 elite units remaining. Meanwhile my impact skimships were slowly eating away at her sea base empire, it was very slow because of her defense bonus but I take many of her sea bases. However Booger has another island to the north, filled with the units that she used to hammer Zack.

By now everyone has airpower. I also have a pretty passable economy, especially with my energy allocation. I build a decent infrastructure on the former Booger continent and make trained 1-1-2's and 1-1-1's which I then upgrade and bring to a monolith to have a nice core force of elite units. I move my transports into position. I expected a lot more resistance, but she has hardly anything. I sweep over her defenses on this small island in 3 turns or so.

Meanwhile my jungle bases have been cranking out air units. The remaining factions- Deidre and Domai- are defiant but both are on medium-small sized continents that I think I should be able to swamp with my units. I already had units in position to attack Deidre as I as finishing Booger off- she launches a surprise attack. I quickly take one of the outpost bases she has on my continent and she surrenders within 3 turns!

Domai has silksteel units and the citizen's defense force. He looks tough. I station 16 or so needlejets at a Deidre base next to his continent and start bombing it. I move in my core ground force and take the base. He immediatly surrenders!

What amazes me is that I had a noble reputation while gassing Marr out of existance. Gas really helped here. I thought I was a goner- it is hard to lose half of your bases then make a comeback. This was the best come back that I have ever made though- I hope some people find this game a bit interesting.
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Great game. I love to hear about such comebacks. I'm guessing that if you were using double-blind research your situation would have been nearly impossible. I'm actually looking forward to a start such as yours to see if I could fight back so well.

As for playing all random factions, its now the only way I will play (all SP). It really makes a player look at each and every faction and better understand them. I found that before going the "random" route I would avoid certain factions. While I still like some better than others, they all have their own quirks that make them interesting to play.

I have been "lucky" in SP so far. The only time an alien (the usurpers) landed that close to me I was Cha Dawn. While far far away from good attack or defense techs I had a worm or three by the time the ogre came calling. Bye bye ogre without any losses. Went trolling for worms while beelining to impact and the combo meant bye bye usurpers in short order (although there 3r armor does lots of damage to a worm). I then had a relatively large military and went the old worm rush routine at Roze and Aki. What was funny is that Aki (pacted with Roze) submitted without any of my units getting within 5 squares of any of her bases. I had wiped out several Roze bases and a few conciousness units and had just entered consciousness territory-- and as soon as Roze submitted so did the conciousness. I actually managed to keep those two as submissives (they were great at gifting tech and cash) until co-op conquest victory. Not near as interesting as yours but a win nonetheless---


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