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Late correction =

Citizen, Specialist, Talent - 2600
Librarian, Thinker, Transcend - 2500

This is displayed in the alpha.txt file, and is customisable.
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Mandatory retirement time?
According to the manual, the mandatory retirement year is M.Y. 2500 for Citizen, Specialist, and Talent, and M.Y. 2400 for Librarian, Thinker, and Transcend. But I 've noticed people talking about trancend games in the 2400's. Was there a late correction I missed? I read through the readme text and didn't see it in there.

All this time I've been racing for transcendance by 2400 and didn't need to. Actually, I can't imagine a game going on that the time I reach transcendance, I'm usually so bored by the micromanagement that I can't wait for the game to get over and start a new one.
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It is fun to keep playing, even though no score is kept. Sometimes it's fun to use all that tech that you did all that micromanagement for.

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