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atrocities and eco-damage
I have learned that I can cause a lot of eco-damage
(worm boils and sea level raising)
doing atrocities (i. e. use of nerve gas against human factions).

My question is: are all factions getting worm boils or only the factions who does the atrocities.

I ask this because I would like to try a very evil plan for my next game playing the Pirates: I would build a lot of nerve gas needlejets and also a lot of empath ships. Then I would begin to attack the other factions
with the X-needlejets to cause as much eco-damage (and with it sea-level rising)as possible, and I would have the empath ships to kill (or with positive planet rating catch) the worms and IoD's. If I would not overwhelmed by the masses of native life forms, I could sit down in the neat warm and dry pressure domes of my sea bases and watch the other factions drowning.

I know, it is a very evil, atrocious, diabolical plan, but sometimes I like to try such things.
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Yes its very fun to play an echo terrorist. I suggest Xcoperters instead of Xjets.... more attacks more echo damage. Also grab the SP that gives you extra fungus treats while running green to keep your bases productive while the fungus tears up all your improvements. In fact most of the explorer SPs will benefit you more than if you played a standard game.
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