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Helium Pond
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A base revolted *again*!
A while back, playing as the Cyborgs, I had a base revolt and join the Believers. Obviously, I was playing SMAX. Now, just yesterday, I was playing classic SMAC and had it happen again--and again the base joined the Believers! I was Zak. My reaction at both times has been: first, "oh S**t!" and second, "cool!"

I didn't even know this was an enabled feature in SMAC, I thought it was a new thing in SMAX. It's a very very big pain, but it's pretty darn neat: the base that revolted was right in the middle of my territory, and I had to scramble troops to retake it.

Both times this has happened, the base has been in drone riot for only two turns; basically, I'd forgotten to fix a drone riot in one turn, and the base instantly revolted after I hit "turn complete." The thing that's strange is, after this happened, I was testing something in the Scenario Editor, and I let a lot of my bases stay in drone riot for many turns, and none of them ever revolted. So I can't figure it out. Maybe... maybe if a base is about to grow a new citizen but it's in drone riots? That's the only thing I can think of.

Anyway, thought y'all'd like to know.
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Bases don't need to be in the riot stage for any number of turns to defect. Once the entire population is drones, a rival faction recieves your city. Yes, it is a pain
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